Miniflora Queen of Show
ARS National All-Mini Show
Shown by Sandy & Bob Lundberg
Photo by Andrew Hearne

ARS National All-Mini Show Results
Complete Results for the 2014 ARS All-Miniature National Rose Show in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey are available here.
Spring 2014 Edition of Rose Exhibitors' Forum

The Spring 2014 issue of Rose Exhibitors' Forum is available in the Members Only area of the ARS website .

You will need the password to access the latest issue. It is found on the Departments page 6 of your May/June 2014 issue of the American Rose.

Edited by Robert B. Martin Jr., Rose Exhibitors’ Forum is a quarterly bulletin of the American Rose Society that reports results of official ARS rose shows and publishes informative articles of interest to rose exhibitors. This current issue consisting of 76 pages presents a comprehensive analysis of a spraying survey of 58 top national exhibitors, including articles on how to spray roses; the pests of roses encountered throughout the nation and controls found effective; a survey of the sprayers used by the top exhibitors; a review of  Adjuvants, Additives and Delusions”; and an article on the latest in rose pesticides from Robbie Tucker of Rosemania.com. In addition, the issue contains announcement of the 2014 Edition of the Combined Rose List, as well as other features.

Rose Exhibitors' Forum Now on Twitter

Bob Martin of Roseshow.com and the ARS Quarterly Rose Exhibitors' Forum are now integrated with a Twitter Feed at @RoseshowBob. Exactly what we do with it remains to be seen.

MR 12 Available as ARS Member Benefit

The American Rose Society has announced an important new member benefit: free use of Modern Roses 12 online. This will enable exhibitors and judges to quickly determine the proper AEN (American Exhibition Name) for roses entered in U. S. shows, and also to obtain detailed information to facilitate rose identification. The direct URL for MR 12 is hereEnter 12345678 as the Registration Code and the current password for the ARS website from your current issue of The American Rose magazine. (Found on the Departments page 6 of your January/February 2014 issue of the American Rose.)

Horizon Roses 2013
Horizon Roses is a compilation of comments by the nation's top rose exhibitors on the exhibition potential of the newest hybrid teas, floribundas, miniflora and miniature roses. For most exhibitors, it has long been considered the indispensible guide to buying new show roses.

Horizon Roses 2012 contains a record 2,410 reports  by 93 reporters from 31 different states on the exhibition potential of 323 roses introduced in the last five years. The reports include 66 new roses not mentioned in prior issues. All comments are candid and reported in the words of the reporter. Supplementing the comments are photographs of 136 roses on which multiple comments were received. The reports are set forth alphabetically and include statistics of the current show results of the reported varieties. In addition, information is provided on known sources for the reviewed varieties.

Those who desire to read it on their Kindle or Kindle App on their iPads, iPhone or other device can order it from Amazon.com here. It is also being published in all other electronic formats at Smashwords.com here.

Rose Exhibitors' Forum Now on Facebook

Roseshow.com and the ARS Quarterly Rose Exhibitors' Forum are now integrated with a Facebook page that will function as a blog and forum for rose show results and information on showing roses. Join us and like us. Click here to view the facebook page.

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