Joy Queen by Dona Martin

Top Exhibition Miniature Rose
Photo by Dona Martin

Horizon Roses 2019 Published!

The Editors of Horizon Roses are pleased to announce the publication of Horizon Roses 2019.

Now in its 36th year, Horizon Roses is an annual compilation of comments by the nation's top rose exhibitors on the exhibition potential of the newest hybrid teas, floribundas, miniflora and miniature roses. For most exhibitors, it has long been considered the indispensable guide to buying new show roses.

Horizon Roses 2019 contains 1,371 reports by 97 reporters from 24 different states on the exhibition potential of 233 roses introduced in the last five years. The reports include 52 new roses not mentioned in prior issues. All comments are candid and reported in the words of the reporter. Supplementing the comments are individual color photographs of 195 roses, in line with the text. The reports are set forth alphabetically and include statistics of the show results of the reported varieties. In addition, information is provided on known sources for the reviewed varieties.

Horizon Roses 2019 is produced entirely by volunteers under the direction of Bob Martin, National Editor and eight regional editors. The regional editors solicit and compile the comments from selected top exhibitors in their region and forward them for final compilation.

Horizon Roses 2019 is available in electronic format for Kindle at a price of $9.95. It can be ordered at Amazon.com by clicking here. 

For the first time, Horizon Roses 2019 is also available in a beautiful full-color paperback at a price of $32.95. It can be ordered at Amazon.com by clicking here. 

Those without a Kindle can download the free Kindle Reading App for iPad, iPhone, Android phone or whatever else they read on. Detail on that is here:

Horizon Roses 2019 is also available as a compressed PDF directly from the editor at $9.95. For further information, contact:

Bob Martin, Editor
Horizon Roses
3291 Old Oak Tree Lane
Escondido, CA 92026-8416
626-840-3472 (mobile)

2018 Top Exhibition Roses Posted

For the 2018 season, RoseShow.com recorded the results of 106 U.S. rose shows, representing approximately 89 percent of the shows held. As in years past, RoseShow.com presents separate charts showing the winners of the principle horticultural classes in U.S. rose shows.

Results are tabulated for roses that have received royalty awards or have appeared as individual specimens in the district and national challenge classes.  For tabulation purposes, Queen is awarded six points, with five points for King, four for Princess, and three each for roses appearing in the Court of Honor and the challenge classes.

In all other classes the results list a running three-year total of the number of trophy-winning entries.

A 10-Year Tabulation of Most Fragrant Roses

For the first time, RoseShow.com presents a report on the top winners of the Most Fragrant class at rose shows. Not all shows reported the winners of such classes, however the results are a fair sampling of the roses that win this class. In the case where multiple classes were offered, e.g, a class for Most Fragrant Hybrid Tea and a speared class for Most Fragrant Shrub, both winners were recorded. The chart compiles a ten-year record of the winners of such classes. It should be not only a guide to exhibitors on what wins the class, but a guide to rose growers seeking to grow the most fragrant of roses.

Combined Rose List 2019 Available

The Combined Rose List 2019  is now available for immediate shipment at$28 per copy. Further details are available here. To order send your check in the amount of $28 per copy to Peter Schneider, Box 677, Mantua, Ohio 44255, or order by Paypal or credit card  here.

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