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Roseshow.com has but one primary purpose—to promote the public exhibition of roses in their most perfect phase of possible beauty. Roseshow.com publishes results of local, district and national rose shows operated under standards established by the American Rose Society.

RoseShow.com - 17th-Year Anniversary

April 18, 2018 was the 17th-year anniversary of the establishment of RoseShow.com. In its 17th year RoseShow.com probably recorded more than 120,000 visitors (we’ve lost track), bringing the total to more than 1.9 million visitors. Thank you for visiting and sharing our passion for showing roses.

Robert B. Martin Jr.

Robert B. ("Bob") Martin Jr. has been growing roses for more than 40 years. He and his wife Dona live in Escondido, California, where they have a rose garden of more than 460 roses of all types. He is an ARS Master Rosarian, an Accredited Horticultural Judge and an Accredited Arrangements Judge. 

In 2015, Bob was elected and installed as the Vice President of the American Rose Society, in which role he will serve for three years. Thereafter, he will automatically become President of the American Rose Society for an additional three year term.

Bob is the Chairman of the American Rose Society Horticultural Exhibitor's Committee, and previous Editor of the American Rose Society quarterly publication. Rose Exhibitors' Forum. He maintains a website covering U.S. rose shows at www.roseshow.com as well as a facebook site for Rose Exhibitors' Forum. Bob has also been an Editor of Horizon Roses for 21 years and the National Editor for ten years. He is the author of the book "Showing Good Roses" and was honored for his lifetime contribution to rose education as a 2009 recipient of the ARS Klima Medal.

Bob is an active rose exhibitor at all levels and the 2007 recipient of the ARS Guy Blake Hedrick Jr. Award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting. During his 30 year exhibiting career, he has shown roses in more than 220 shows, winning more than 1,400 trophies in every exhibiting class, including 13 national trophies. Bob has also judged an additional 84 shows and is a frequent lecturer at judging schools through out the country.

Bob is also a hybridizer with 14 registered varieties, including the show roses  '‘Butter Cream'’, ‘'Peter Cottontail’'  and' ‘Pasadena Star'’ as well as his the most reviewed rose in Horizon Roses, 'Dona Martin', a sport of the extraordinary exhibition hybrid tea, 'Randy Scott'.

Bob is married to Dona Martin, Consulting Rosarian. Dona is also an award-winning rose photographer, whose work is featured in RoseShow.com

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