There are a number of publications on showing roses. Here is a  summary of some of the most important.

Rose Exhibitors' Forum

The major forum for rose exhibitors is Rose Exhibitors' Forum, the quarterly bulletin of the American Rose Society. Edited by Robert B. Martin Jr., its …

Horizon Roses 2017

Excerpts of Preface to Horizon Roses 2017

By Robert B. Martin Jr.


The rain is plentious but, by God’s decree, 
Only a third is meant for you and …

New Additions to 2015 Horizons Honor Roll

There are three new additions to the Horizon Roses Honor Roll. They include the miniflora, ‘Powerhouse’ and …

Showing Good Roses

"Showing Good Roses", A Complete Exhibitor’s Guide is widely considered the "Bible" of showing roses

 In this 512-page book you will learn...

    * How …

Combined Rose List

Published annually since 1980, the Combined Rose List is the one international reference for rose sources. It contains essential information about rose …

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