New Additions to 2015 Horizons Honor Roll

There are three new additions to the Horizon Roses Honor Roll. They include the miniflora, ‘Powerhouse’ and the miniature roses, ‘Daddy Frank’ and ‘Magic Show’. For those unfamiliar with Horizon Roses, the Honor Roll consists of roses that have received high ratings in past issues of Horizon Roses by exhibitors from a wide cross section of the country. Honor Roll roses are generally considered “bankers” by exhibitors, i.e. the consistent top exhibition varieties.


‘Powerhouse’ is a miniflora of exceptional form introduced in 2010 by the late Frank Benardella. Registered as a red blend, it is actually an intense, vibrant dark orange. The petals are thick and velvety, with great substance that add to the vibrancy of the color. The centers are often sunken and the peduncles can be long and bare, but the bush is very productive and there are lots of blooms to consider. The blooms are framed by very dark green glossy foliage and appear on a vigorous, upright bush. The breeding is an unknown ‘Timeless’ seedling x an unknown ‘Kristin’ seedling. ‘Timeless’ is a red 1997 AARS award-winning hybrid tea by Dr. Keith Zary which also appears in the breeding of ‘Magic Show’. ‘Kristin’ is Frank’s best-known rose and his favorite breeding rose, which he believed imparted form to roses as a pollen parent. It is also a prior Honor Roll rose.

On the show tables, ‘Powerhouse’ was ranked #19 among miniflora royalty in the latest 2014 standings. Through June 30, 2015, it had recorded 22 Queens of Show, including a national Miniflora Queen of Show for Dona and me at the ARS 2014 Spring National Rose Show in San Diego

‘Daddy Frank’

‘Daddy Frank’ is a dark miniature introduced in 2010 by Robbie Tucker and named in honor of his grandfather. It was originally registered as a miniflora but the classification was changed to a miniature rose in 2011 at Robbie’s request. It was an ARS Award of Excellence winner for 2010. It was bred from a cross of an unknown seedling × ‘Memphis King’, the latter also originally introduced as a miniflora but later changed to a miniature rose.

The bush presents clean dark red blooms with excellent form. Although a little short of petals, the blooms hold with refrigeration. Mature bushes have good size and although many of the blooms come on spindly stems there are many on strong stems that are capable of winning Queen.

On the show tables, ‘Daddy Frank’ was ranked #8 among miniature royalty in the latest 2014 standings. Through June 30, 2015, it had recorded an impressive 47 Queens of Show.

‘Magic Show’

‘Magic Show’ is a red and white miniature rose introduced in 2010 by Frank Benardella. It was also an ARS Award of Excellence winner for 2010. It was bred from a cross of  ‘Perfection’ × ‘Timeless’, the latter also used in the breeding of ‘Powerhouse’. The seed parent, ‘Perfection’ is a dark pink miniature introduced in 1999 by Frank Benardella, which is not well known.

‘Magic Show’ presents multiple blooms, many with excellent centers, creamy white with rich red raspberry edges. Blooms come singly and in sprays. The bush is vigorous, large and well rounded with glossy foliage.

On a personal note, Frank Benardella sometimes followed the practice of using his code name “Ben” with a theme for a year’s crop of seedlings. In 2010, he used professional football teams. The code name of ‘Magic Show’ is ‘Benjets” after Frank’s favorite team, the New York Jets. I remember standing next to Frank at Rose Hills talking about this with him as we were examining the blooms of ‘Magic Show’ in the AOE garden. Being a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns, I asked him if there had been a “Benbrowns”. He smiled and said yes – but he had thrown it away. The photo below was taken by Dona that day in the AOE garden.

On the show tables, ‘Magic Show’ was ranked #5 among miniature royalty in the latest 2014 standings. Through June 30, 2015, it had recorded 30 Queens of Show, It was also miniature King of Show at the 2014 Fall National in Tyler, Texas, shown by Horizon Reporters, Richard Anthony & Brenna Bosch.

Horizons 2015 Honor Roll 

Following is the complete Horizons 2015 Honor Roll:


Black Magic, Cajun Moon, Crystalline, Dublin, Falling in Love, Gemini, Hot Princess, Let Freedom Ring, Louise Estes, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Wellan, Marlon's Day, Moonstone, Randy Scott, Snuffy, St Patrick, Signature, Touch of Class, Veterans’ Honor


Gold Medal


Cinco de Mayo, Day Breaker, Hannah Gordon, Johnny Becnel, Julia Child, Kanegem, Lavaglut, Pasadena Star, Playgirl, Sexy Rexy, Sheila’s Perfume


Abby's Angel, Baldo Villegas, Butter Cream, Conundrum, Dr John Dickman, Dr Troy Garrett, Foolish Pleasure, Leading Lady, Louisville Lady, Peter Cottontail, Powerhouse, Power Point, Robin Alonso, Shameless, Shawn Sease, Show Stopper, Tiffany Lynn, Whirlaway


Arcanum, Bee's Knees, Daddy Frank, Dancing Flame, Fairhope, Glowing Amber, Heather Sproul, Hot Tamale, Irresistible, Joy, Magic Show, Miss Flippins, Nancy Jean, Pierrine, Renegade, Soroptimist International, Ty

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