New Additions to 2018 Horizons Honor Roll

Bob Martin, National Editor of Horizon Roses, has announced two new additions to the Horizon Roses Honor Roll: 'Sparkle & Shine' and 'Dr. Tommy Cairns'. For those unfamiliar with Horizon Roses, the Honor Roll consists of roses that have received high ratings in past issues of Horizon Roses by exhibitors from a wide cross section of the country. Honor Roll roses are generally considered “bankers” by exhibitors, i.e. the consistent top exhibition varieties.

‘Sparkle & Shine’
‘Sparkle & Shine’ is a dark yellow floribunda introduced in 2012 through Weeks Roses. It was bred by Christian Bedard from a cross of the hybrid tea, ‘Julie Newmar’ and the floribunda, ‘Julie Child’, itself an Honor Roll rose. This is the third rose hybridized by Christian Bedard to reach the Horizon Roses Honor Roll, following previous honorees, the floribundas, ‘Ketchup & Mustard’ and ‘Oh My!’. ‘Sparkle & Shine’ is distinguished by its large symmetrical sprays of bright yellow blooms, presented on long stems with glossy foliage. 

As a show rose, ‘Sparkle & Shine’ was ranked #9 among winners of the best floribunda spray for the period 2015-2017. Through the 2018 show season to date, it has recorded 27 trophy-winning sprays, as well as seven trophy-winning one-bloom-per-stem entries.

The reviews of Horizon reporters on ‘Sparkle & Shine’ have been consistently favorable. In 2017 it received the most reports among floribundas with 17. That year, Peter Alonso declared it “the best yellow floribunda” and “awesome show rose”, an assessment echoed by Kathy Strong and Ruth Tiffany. Richard Anthony opined that the “color and sprays are every bit as good as Julia Child”. Kitty Belendez reported that it is very vigorous and produces huge sprays on long stems that holds color and refrigerates well. Linda Clark noted that is a cropper that puts on a show with 10 - 12 large sprays on strong stems even on a Dr. Huey plant. Jeff Garrett observed that it has very nice rich yellow blooms, is always in bloom and produces lots of nice sprays that will show. Gretchen Humphrey loves the ruffled blooms in good sprays, while Bill Kozemchak commented on the nice bright yellow sprays and dark foliage. Summing up, Sue Streeper describes it as a “joyous, non-fading yellow floribunda great for the garden and the show table.”

‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’
‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ is a pink blend miniature rose introduced in 2013 from the breeding program of Frank Benardella. It was bred from a cross of  ‘Perfection’ × an unnamed seedling. The seed parent, ‘Perfection’ is a dark pink miniature introduced in 1999 by Frank Benardella, which is not well known, but was also used in the breeding of the Honor Roll rose, “Magic Show’. ‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ is named after the noted rosarian, Dr. Tommy Cairns, a former President of the American Rose Society, as well as the World Federation of Rose Societies. Dr. Tommy Cairns and his partner Luis Desamero are well known as one of the finest exhibiting teams in America, ranking #2 in lifetime national trophies won.

‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ is the seventh rose bred by Frank Benardella that has made the Horizon Roses Honor Roll. It joins the miniature roses, ‘Magic Show’ and ‘Soroptimist International’; and the minifloras, ‘Leading Lady’, ‘Power Point’, ‘Powerhouse’ and ‘Show Stopper’.

On the show tables, ‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ was ranked #14 among miniature royalty in the latest 2017 standings. Through the 2018 show season to date it has recorded 16 appearances as royalty in ARS rose shows, including five Queens of Show. It was National Queen of Show at the 2017 ARS All-Miniature Show in Arcadia, California, shown by Horizon Reporters, John & Barbara Lester.

‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’ has been a consistent favorite among most Horizon reporters, although some have remarked that the blooms seem small and it is a lackadaisical grower in some gardens. In 2017 it received the most reports among miniature roses with 26.

In that issue, Tom Mayhew described it thoroughly as follows: “A wonderful pink blend rose, medium pink with white reverse at the base. Has very good exhibition form and it is also attractive as an open bloom, pink with white eye at the base. The plant is very strong, hardy and healthy. It grows upright and supports its long lasting blooms well. It repeats well.” Jim Hering noted the similarity to ‘Jilly Jewel’ but thought it better; Andy Plasz thought it much better. Richard Anthony concurred and noted that an added bonus is the delightful fragrance, a feature also pointed out by Bill Kozemchak.

Jim Cavanaugh reported that he made Queen with the very first bloom from a maiden bush, making it an instant favorite. John and Barbara Lester reported that they had won two Queens with it, including the National Queen. Debra Bagley grows the rose on Fortuniana, multiflora and own root, and she reported that they are all very vigorous making a tall bush with lots of sprays and individual blooms. Mark Nolen observed that the size of the flowers are truly miniature with good exhibition form, and the blooms are also nice fully open. 

Summing up, Carol Shockley reported: “This light ‘almost mauve pink’ baby produces lots of blooms and most have excellent form. It can spray nicely; show singly and it’s a vigorous bush. I like it.”

Horizon Roses 2018 Honor Roll 

Following is the complete Horizon Roses 2018 Honor Roll:

Black Magic, Cajun Moon, Crescendo, Crystalline, Dona Martin, Dublin, Falling in Love, Gemini, Hot Princess, Let Freedom Ring, Louise Estes, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon's Day, Moonstone, Mr. Caleb, Randy Scott, St. Patrick, Signature, Snuffy, Touch of Class, Veterans’ Honor

Gold Medal, South Africa, Wild Blue Yonder

Cinco de Mayo, Dancing Pink, Day Breaker, Hannah Gordon, Johnny Becnel, Julia Child, Kanegem, Ketchup & Mustard, Lavaglut, Oh My!, Pinnacle, Playgirl, Sexy Rexy, Sheila’s Perfume, Sparkle & Shine

Abby's Angel, Baldo Villegas, Butter Cream, Conundrum, Dr John Dickman, Dr Troy Garrett, Foolish Pleasure, Leading Lady, Louisville Lady, Nancy Jean, Powerhouse, Power Point, Robin Alonso, Shameless, Shawn Sease, Show Stopper, Tiffany Lynn, Whirlaway

Arcanum, Bee's Knees, Daddy Frank, Dancing Flame, Dr. Tommy Cairns, Fairhope, Glowing Amber, Hot Tamale, Irresistible, Joy, Magic Show, Miss Flippins, Pierrine, Renegade, Soroptimist International, Ty

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