Rose Exhibitors' Forum

The major forum for rose exhibitors is Rose Exhibitors' Forum, the quarterly bulletin of the American Rose Society. Edited by Robert B. Martin Jr., its purpose is to report the results of official ARS rose shows in the United States and to publish technical articles of interest to rose exhibitors. 

The Spring 2016 issue of Rose Exhibitors' Forum is available in the Members Only area of the ARS website .

You will need the password to access the latest issue. It is found on the Departments page of your latest issue of the American Rose.

The current issue consisting of 161 pages presents the annual articles on Top Exhibition Roses of 2015 and Queens of Show (2011-2015). The issue also includes an article on the History of the Earl of Warwick Urn plus an article by renowned exhibitor Dr Satish Prabhu on the Changing Face article of the Earl of Warwick Urn challenge national challenge class. In addition, the issue announces the composition of the National Horticultural Exhibitors’ Committee and presents additional articles of interest to exhibitors  Specifically, the issue includes the following articles:

“Top Exhibition Roses of 2015” by Robert B. Martin Jr.

“Queens of Show (2011-2015)" by Robert B. Martin Jr.

“The History of the Earl of Warwick Urn" by Robert B. Martin Jr.

“The Changing Face of the Earl of Warwick Urn" by Dr. Satish Prabhu

“Notes on the Columbus National Rose Show" by Dr. Jim Hering

“National Horticultural Exhibitors’ Committee Named" by Robert B. Martin Jr 

“Pass it On" by Robert B. Martin Jr

It also includes Letters, as well as results of the Fall 2015 shows plus photographs of winning national challenge classes

Further issues will continue to be published on a quarterly basis in each case following the end of the calendar quarter, specifically March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

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