Showing Good Roses

"Showing Good Roses", A Complete Exhibitor’s Guide is widely considered the "Bible" of showing roses

 In this 512-page book you will learn...

    * How rose shows are conducted.

    * How roses are judged.

    * How to select the best show roses.

    * How to grow show-quality roses.

    * How to enter your roses at a rose show.

    * How to win.

Showing Good Roses

Copyright © 2001 by Robert B. Martin, Jr.

Softcover - 512 pages

First Edition: June 2001

Published by

Printed in Canada

ISBN 0-9710132-0-9

Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 6.0 x 9.0

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Here are excerpts from some of the reviews of "Showing Good Roses"

"This is not just the most comprehensive rose exhibiting manual anyone could imagine, it is one of the best rose books I have ever read. From the moment the rose gardener begins to contemplate exhibiting to the afternoon when he walks into a national show to discover one of his entries up on the trophy table, this book will be a invaluable guide." Peter Schneider, Mantua, Ohio (Editor, the Combined Rose List and the revised edition of Taylor's Guide to Roses, author of Peter Schneider on Roses.)

"Early on it became clear that this book would be more than the stated ‘….complete exhibitor’s guide.’ It quickly established itself as the standard consulting reference for the elements of the exhibiting world." Jim Delahanty, Sherman Oaks, California (Editor ARS and You)

"... tells everything anyone ever wanted to know about growing, grooming and exhibiting roses from miniatures to Old Garden Roses (especially if you ever want to take your roses to America). ... show enthusiasm mixed with expertise." Sean McCann. Ireland (ARS Gold Medal Recipient; world renown author of 27 books on roses, history, soccer and biography.)

“I spent some time last night reading your innovative book on exhibiting and have found it a wonderful reference source with a myriad of topics to satisfy any thirsty exhibitor in their quest for knowledge .... you have done a great service to the exhibiting community.” Dr. Thomas Cairns, Studio City, California (ARS Gold Medal Recipient, Past-President American Rose Society and World Federation of Rose Societies; author Modern Roses XI)

"THE BOOK is just fabulous!  An unbelievable amount of information and range of subject matter went into that book.  I honestly believe it is the best publication we have ever seen, certainly on the subject of exhibiting, and definitely the best to come out of our membership ranks." Marilyn Wellan, Colfax, Louisiana (Past-President American Rose Society)

“This book is a must have for not only the rose shower, but any rose grower!! Great info, and very entertianing (really had some good chuckles reading some of Bob's blunt comments). …The best rose book written thus far!” Steve Singer, Kenosha, Wisconsin

“This is a marvelous book that will be a valuable resource.” Sandy Lundberg, Bluffton, South Carolina

“WOW!! what an excellent book! Harold Baker, Lakeland, Florida

“We have really needed this kind of information, all in one book, for a long time!"Jo Martin, Tacoma, Washington

“...this is a great book! …As an exhibitor, I have found this 500+ pages book, to be a fantastic reading source containing many excellent tips that I already have tried, and many others that I'll try before our upcoming fall shows. ... Every rose society should purchase this informative book for their respective libraries.” Dolores (Lori) Sibs, Rochester, New York

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