Buckeye District

Buckeye District Rose Show
September 23, 2017
Powell, Ohio

J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
Jim & Anne Hering
'Cajun Sunrise', 'Folklore', 'Gemini', 'Jane Pauley', 'Touch of Class' 

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Elton Smith
'Bee's Knees', 'Best of '04', 'Breath of Spring', 'Fairhope', 'Glowing Amber', 'Joy', 'Magic Show' 

Past Presidents Trophy
Elton Smith

Harry O'Brien Memorial Trophy
Not awarded

Wenzel District Trophy
Tom Herr
'Chessie's Favorite', 'Uncle Joe'

Robert W. Lawton Memorial Trophy
(Bloom cycle)
Jim & Anne Hering
'Marilyn Monroe'

Buckeye Miniflora Stages of Bloom
Elton Smith

Buckeye Miniature Stages of Bloom

Mark Miller
'Bee's Knees'

Dr. Griffith J. Buck District Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Tom Herr
'Flower Girl', 'Munstead Wood', 'Pink Simplicity'

J. Benjamin Williams Miniflora Challenge
Jim & Anne Hering
'Cooper', 'Dr John Dickman', 'Fred's Showtime', 'Good Old Mountain Dew', 'Regina Lee', 'Whirlaway', 'Wright Touch' 


Best of Show, Knock Out, Terri Lady

Queen, Let Freedom Ring, Jim & Anne Hering

King, Dina Gee, Cheryl Menard

Princess, Sultry, Mark Miller

Court, Dona Martin, Mark Miller

Court, Marilyn Monroe, Jim & Anne Hering

Court, Hot Princess, Tim Hartranft

Court, JoAnn Edwards, Tim Hartranft

HT/Gr Open, Liebeszauber, Tom Herr

Single Petal, Dainty Bess, Jim & Anne Hering

HT/Gr Rose Bowl, Moonstone, Cheryl Menard

HT/Gr English Box, Randy Scott, Veterans' Honor, Tim Hartranft

Miniflora Queen, Shawn Sease, Mark Miller

Miniflora King, Michael, Tom Herr

Miniflora Princess, Charismatic, Jim & Anne Hering

Miniflora Court, Bold Ruler, Jim & Anne Hering

Miniflora Court, Cooper, Jim & Anne Hering

Miniflora Court, Dr John Dickman, Tom Herr

Miniflora Court, Foolish Pleasure, Debbie Wyman-Lieske

Miniflora Spray, Tammy Clemons, Elton Smith

Miniflora Open, Autumn Splendor, Tom Herr

Miniflora Rose Bowl (Miniflora), Gift of Love, Tom Herr

Mini Queen, Miss Flippins, Cheryl Menard

Mini King, Renegade, Tom Herr

Mini Princess, Alysheba, Mark Miller

Mini Court, Fairhope, Cheryl Menard

Mini Court, Hot Tamale, Elton Smith

Mini Court, Joy, Elton Smith

Mini Court, Memphis King, Tom Herr

Mini Spray, Magic Show, Mark Miller

Mini Open, Fairhope, Cheryl Menard

Mini Single, Grace Seward, Tom Herr

Mini Rose Bowl, Daddy Frank, Cheryl Menard

Mini English Box, Joy, Elton Smith

Fl Bloom, Pasadena Star, Elton Smith

Fl Spray Queen, Oh My!, Mark Miller

Fl Spray King, Dancing Pink, Tom Herr

Fl Spray Princess, Showbiz, Mark Miller

Poly Spray, Wing-Ding, Mark Miller

Large Climber/Hybrid Wichurana, Fourth of July, Cheryl Menard

David Austin Rose, The Prince, Tom Herr

Knock Out® / Home Run®, Rainbow Knock Out, Tom Herr

Dowager, Louise Odier, Cheryl Menard

Victorian, Mme Isaac Pereire, Mark Miller

Fragrant Rose, Dolly Parton, Mark Miller

Judges Class (Large Roses), European Touch, Mark Nolan

Judges Class (Min/MF), Mary Alice, Mark Nolan

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