Deep South District

Deep South District Rose Show
October 28, 2017
Tallahassee, Florida


J. Horace McFarland District Trophy
Bill & Jill Chappell
'Veterans' Honor', 'Babies Blush', 'Hot Princess', 'Randy Scott', 'Touch of Class'

Ralph S. Moore District Award
Ray Guillebeau
'Odessa', 'Sweet Mallie', 'Pierrine', 'Red Seduction', 'Fairhope', 'Daddy Frank', 'Joy'

Deep South Bulletin Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
No entries 

Frances & George Johnston Old Garden Rose Bouquet Trophy
No entries

DSD Double English Box Trophy
James Small
'Cajun Sunrise', 'Louise Estes' 

Katy Lampkin Award
Debbie & Ken Wilkinson
'Louise Estes'

District Director's Miniflora Rose Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Ray Guillebeau
'Abbby's Angel', 'Gift of Love', 'Fitzhugh's Diamond', 'Leading Lady', 'Foolish Pleasure' 


Doyle Conner Perpetual Trophy
Glenn Schulman
'Uncle Joe'

Springtime Tallahassee Perpetual Trophy
Glenn Schulman
'Moonstone', 'Louise Estes', 'My Lady Barbara', 'Sister Ruby', 'Jewel Grace'

 Geraldine C. M. Livingston Memorial Perpetual trophy
Glenn Schulman
'Let Freedom Ring', 'Daddy Frank'

Rose in a bowl-large bloom
Donna Harrell
'Soft Whisper'

English Box
James Small
'Louise Estes', 'Marlon's Day', 'Randy Scott'

Rose in a frame-large rose
James Small
'Dona Martin'

Collection: Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora
Glenn Schulman
'Hot Princess'

Min/MinFl Box
Ralph & Jean Stream
'Pierrine', 'Red Seduction', 'Breath of Spring'

Min/MinFl Palette
James Small
'Baldo Villegas', 'Abby's Angel', 'Shameless', 'Foolish Pleasure', 'Seattle Sunrise'

Min/MinFl Rose in a bowl
Ralph & Jean Stream

Min/MinFl Rose in a Frame
Ray Guillebeau
'Gift of Love'

Mini Cycle of Bloom
David & Susan Baker

Collection: Three One Bloom per Stem-Miniature or Miniflora
Ralph & Jean Stream

Marion Nimis
Camellia Rose

Bobbi Reed & Don SchwarZ


Queen, Gemini's Charm, Chappell, Bill & Jill

King, Affirm, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Princess, Moonstone, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Court, Babies Blush, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Court, Hot Princess, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Court, Desperado, Chappell, Bill & Jill

HT/Gr Open, Corina, Harrell, Donna

Fl Bloom, Kanegem, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Fl Spray, Charisma, Wilkinson, Debbie & Ken

Climber, Don Juan, Dooley, Martha & Jim

Modern Shrub, Belinda's Dream, Dooley, Martha & Jim

Dowager, Green Rose, Hinson, Alex & Jane

Victorian, Eugene E. Marlitt, Guillebeau, Ray

Fragrant, Memorial Day, Rosen, Seymour

Mini Queen, Renegade, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Mini King, Breath of Spring, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Princess, Pierrine, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Open, Sandy's Pick, Burley, Willie Mae

Mini Single, Tomboy, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Mini Spray, Joy, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Miniflora Queen, Shawn Sease, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Miniflora King, Ambiance, Chappell, Bill & Jill

Miniflora Princess, First Choice, Chappell, Bill & Jill 

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