NCNH District

NCNH District Rose Show
September 23, 2017
Castro Valley, California


ARS Rosedale Bowl
No entries


J Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
No entries 

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Baldo Villegas
'Hot Tamale', 'Sweet Revenge', 'Joy', 'Irresistible', 'Dancing Flame', 'Ruby Pendant', 'Fancy That' 

Clyde H. Stocking Memorial Trophy
(3 pink blend HT)
No entries 

Alfred Leloy, Jr Memorial Trophy
(3 red HT)
Carol Wong
'Papa Meilland', 'Olympiad'

Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy
(3 mauve]
No entries

Dr. D. Jay Nichols Trophy
(3 yellow HT)
Lou Evans
'White Licorice' 

J. Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
Lou Evans
'Sparkle ‘n’ Shine', 'Kristina Louise', 'Eureka'

Ramona Stocking Trophy
(1 Fl spray)
Lou Evans
'Sparkle ‘n’ Shine'

American Rose Foundation Windsounds Trophy
(Cycle of bloom]
Lou Evans

Edwin and Darley Lisherness Trophy
(3 white HT)
Peter Cook
'Pope John Paul II'

AARS Challenge Class
No entries 

Clay Morgan Perpetual Trophy
(English box)
Not awarded 

Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy
(Mini English box)
No entries

Annette Dobbs Trophy
(One stem, any type single)
Joan Goff
'Frances Ashton'

Esther K. Hughes "Peace Trophy
Lou Evans

Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy
(3 pink HT)
Peggy Carlson
'Mother of Pearl'

Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy
(1 HT, 1 Gr, 1 Fl)
No entries

Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy
(3 HT introduced within the last 5 years)
No entries

Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy
(Fragrant red HT)
No entries

Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy
(3 HT, 1 each Gr & Fl sprays)
No entries 

District Director's Miniflora Rose Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Baldo Villegas
'Ambiance', 'Baldo Villegas', 'First Choice', 'Jolene Adams', 'Yantai'

Bill & Muriel Humenick Trophy
(3 blends)
No entries


Queen, Gemini, Peter Cook

King, Peace, Jan Burnham

Princess, Grand Siècle, Lou Evans

Court, Stainless Steel, Lou Evans

Court, Double Delight, Dominic Ramirez

Court, Moonstone, Lou Evans

Mini Queen, Ty , Betty Mott

Mini King, Hot Tamale, Betty Mott

Mini Princess, Bees Knees, Baldo Villegas

Mini Court, Little Eskimo, Peggy Carlson

Mini Court, Irresistible, Deane Coleman

Miniflora Queen, Jolene Adams, Eileen Jackson

Miniflora King, Louisville Lady, Lou Evans

Miniflora Princess, Leading Lady, Lou Evans

Miniflora Court, Baldo Villegas, Baldo Villegas

Floribunda Spray Queen, Sparkle ‘n’ Shine, Lou Evans

Floribunda Spray King, French Lace, Barbara Wilson

Modern Shrub Queen of Show, Prospero, Peter Cook

Modern Shrub King of Show, James Galway, Martine LaBelle

Modern Shrub Princess of Show, Gartendirektor Otto Linne, Baldo Villegas

Dowager, Green Rose, Baldo Villegas

Victorian, Mutabilis, Martine LaBelle

Grandiflora Spray, Wild Blue Yonder, Carol Wong

Decorative Hybrid Tea, Yves Piaget, Martine LaBelle

Floribunda Bloom, White Licorice, Peter Cook

Polyantha Spray, Petite Francoise, Baldo Villegas

Miniature Spray, Doris Lee, Baldo Villegas

Miniflora Spray , Baldo Villegas, Baldo Villegas

Climber, Altissimo, Barbara Wilson

Classic Shrub, Bukavu, Joan Goff

Best Fragrance, Double Delight, Dominic Ramirez

Best Seedling, [Gemini x Honey Dijon], Joan Goff

Fully Open Miniature, Jewel Box, Eileen Jackson

Fully Open Miniflora, Little Deb, Barbara Gordon

Large Rose Bowl, Don Juan, Jan Hayward

Miniature Rose Bowl, Irresistible, Deane Coleman

Miniflora Rose Bowl, Baldo Villegas, Baldo Villegas

Large Rose - Single, Mrs. Oakley Fisher, Lou Evans

Miniature Rose - Single, Grace Seward, Baldo Villegas

Miniflora Rose - Single, Maroon Eight, Joan Goff

Best Judges Entry, Sunstruck, Cher Frechette 

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