North Central District

North Central District Rose Show
August 19, 2017
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


J. Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
No entries

Ralph Moore District Trophy
No entries 

Richard S Wilcox North Central District Trophy
(3 red HT)
No entries 

Eugene S. Boerner North Central District Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
No entries 

Floyd W Johnson North Central District Trophy
(8 OGR or shrub roses)
Lois Ann Hlegeson
Varieties not reported 

All-American Rose Selection (AARS) Trophy
(3 different AARS varieties)
No entries 

Griffith J. Buck North Central District Trophy
(3 different shrubs)
No entries 

Robert (Bob) Churilla Memorial North Central District Trophy
(miniature or miniflora cycle of bloom).
Diane Sommers
Variety not reported

District Director’s Miniflora Rose Trophy
(5 MinFl blooms)
No entries


Queen, Pink Promise, Helgeson, Lois Ann

King, Gräfin Diana, Helgeson, Lois Ann

HT Open, Gräfin Diana, Helgeson, Lois Ann

HT/Gr Spray, Babies Blush, Sommers, Diane

Fl Bloom, Tuscan Sun, Loftbloom, Margaret

Fl Spray Queen, Pretty Lady, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Fl Spray King, Julia Child, Hilsey, Millie

Poly Spray, Red Fairy, Youngdahl, Sue

Modern Shrub Queen, Aunt Honey, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Modern Shrub King, Midnight Blue, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Modern Shrub Princess, Outta the Blue, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Climber, Tropical Lightning, Gurschke, Betty

Genesis, Rosa rugosa, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Dowager, Marchesa Boccella, Smuda, Carol

Mini Queen, Covington Ridge, Osborn, Gary

Mini King, Irresistible, Lovely, Ken

Mini Princess, Giggles, Osborn, Gary

Mini Open, You're the One, Turek, John

Mini Spray, Petit Pink, Smuda, Carol

Miniflora Queen, Flawless, Osborn, Gary

Miniflora King, Megan Dawn, Sommers, Diane

Miniflora Princess, Eternity, Osborn, Gary

Miniflora Spray, Tammy Clemons, Turek, John


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