North Central District

North Central District Rose Show
September 17, 2016
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


 J. Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
Steve Singer
'Marlon's Day', 'Suffolk', 'Mavrik', 'Artic Circle', 'Louise Estes'

Ralph Moore District Trophy
Steve Singer
'The Lighthouse', 'Miss Flippins', 'Baby Boomer', 'Olivia Rose', 'Magic Show', 'Edisto', 'Fairhope' 

Richard S Wilcox North Central District Trophy
(3 red HT)
Bob Woodworth

Eugene S. Boerner North Central District Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
No entries 

Floyd W Johnson North Central District Trophy
(8 OGR or shrub roses)
Joe & Carrie Bergs
'Heathcliff', 'Sophy's Rose', 'Lady Emma Hamilton', 'Princess Alexandra of Kent', 'Munstead Wood', 'Winchester Cathedral', 'Susan Williams-Ellis', 'Olivia Rose Austin', 'Queen of Sweden', 'Princess Charlotte''

All-American Rose Selection (AARS) Trophy
(3 different AARS varieties)
Not awarded 

Griffith J. Buck North Central District Trophy
(3 different shrubs)
No entries 

Robert (Bob) Churilla Memorial North Central District Trophy
(miniature or miniflora cycle of bloom).
Joe & Carrie Bergs
'Mr. Lenard' 

District Director’s Miniflora Rose Trophy
(5 MinFl blooms)
Steve Singer
'Shameless', 'Foolish Pleasure', 'Powerhouse', 'Unbridled', 'Abby's Angel' 


English Box. HT, Gr
Kenneth Nabb
'Tineke', 'Veterans' Honor', 'Moonstone'

Large Rose Bowl
Kenneth Nabb

English Box FL, OGR, S
Joe and Carrie Bergs
'Radox Bouquet'

HT, GR Picture Frame
Ken Fleming

FL, OGR, S Picture Frame
]Joe and Carrie Bergs
'Gruss an Aachen'

Miniature/ Miniflora English Box
Diane Sommers

 Miniature Bowl
John & Judy Schroeder

Miniature Picture Frame
John & Judy Schroeder

Miniflora Bowl
Lynda Fleming
'Tiffany Lynn'

Miniflora Picture Frame
Lynda Fleming
'Baldo Villegas'


Queen, Marlon's Day, Schroeder, John & Judy

King, Helen Naude, Woodworth, Bob

Princess, Veterans' Honor, Nabb, Kenneth

Best Peace Rose, Peace, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

HT/Gr Open, Peace, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

HT Spray, Uncle Joe, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Gr Spray, South Africa, Singer, Steve

Fl Bloom, Chuckles, Rutkowski, Ruth

Fl Spray Queen, Candy Cane Cocktail, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Fl Spray King, Passionate Kisses, Rutkowski, Ruth

Poly Spray, Wing-Ding, Rutkowski, Ruth

Classic Shrub, Cape Diamond, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Modern Shrub Queen, All the Rage, Kotula, Diane

Modern Shrub King, Golden Unicorn, Sommers, Diane

Modern Shrub Princess, Abraham Darby, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Climber, Dynamite, Rutkowski, Ruth

Dowager, Sidonie, Plasz, Andy

Victorian, Mutabilis, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Genesis, Rosa rugosa, Helgeson, Lois Ann

Mini Queen, Daddy Frank, Fleming, Lynda

Mini King, Joy, Schroeder, John & Judy

Mini Princess, Renegade, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Mini Open, Dr. Gary Rankin, Fleming, Lynda

Mini Single, Gizmo, Rutkowski, Ruth

Mini Spray, Joy, Bergs, Joe & Carrie – BEST IN SHOW

Miniflora Queen, Shawn Sease, Bergs, Joe & Carrie

Miniflora King, Abby's Angel, Plasz, Andy

Miniflora Princess, Whirlaway, Schroeder, John & Judy

Miniflora Open, Princess Katelyn, Fleming, Lynda

Miniflora Spray, Powerhouse, Singer, Steve

Novice, Veterans' Honor, Fleming, Ken

Junior, Miss Congeniality, Marvig, Cara

Judges, Double Take, Meyer, Brad

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