Pacific Northwest District

Pacific Northwest District Rose Show

June 28, 2014
Olympia, Washington


J. Horace McFarland District Memorial Trophy
Barbara & Bruce Lind
'Sunset Celebration', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Sugar Moon', 'Aperitif', 'Grande Amore', 'Over the Moon'

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Gretchen & Mike Humphrey
'Luis Desamero', 'Magic Show', 'Bee's Knees', 'Ruby Baby', 'Incognito', 'Dancing Flame', 'Irresistible'

Al Schamel Memorial Trophy
(5 HTs one variety)
Richard & Janis Parke

Judges Trophy
(3 exhibition blooms)
Barbara & Bruce Lind
'Aperitif', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Fame!'

Dr. Paul & Carrie Miller Memorial Trophy
(Bloom Progression)
Carl & Carolyn Finch

The Fred Edmunds Jr. Memorial Trophy
Bill Wilson
'Luis Desamero', 'Elina'

Eleanor Conti Memorial Trophy
(Min, Fl, HT)
Jason Fredette
'Irresistible', 'Fragrant Wave', 'Whisper'

Seattle Rose Society Floribunda Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
Jason Fredette 
'Sexy Rexy', 'Lavaglut', 'Easy Going'

Jeff Wyckoff Old Garden Rose Trophy
(5 OGRs)
Helen Peters
'Marchesa Boccella', 'Charles de Mills', Rosa macrantha, 'Tuscany Superb', Rose gallica versicolor' 

Marian Seeley Memorial Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Richard & Janis Parke
'Robusta', 'Stretch Johnson', 'Carefree Spirit'

Helene Schoen Memorial Trophy
("Rainbow" bloom progression)
Richard & Janis Parke
'Whisper', 'Marijke Koopman', 'Olympiad'

Mitchie Moe Memorial Trophy
(3 mini sprays)
Barbara & Bruce Lind
'Seattle Sunrise'

Vic Snitzler Memorial Trophy
(3 mini/MinFl blooms)
Richard & Janis Parke
'Heidi', 'Dancing Flame', 'Kristin'


Jake DeHaven Memorial Challenge
(HT/GR spray, FL spray, Shrub spray, in one vase)
Janis & Richard Parke
'Robusta', 'Helen Naude', 'Fragrant Wave'

Rose Portrait Challenge
Jerry Kaija

Colorama Challenge
Richard & Janis Parke
'Tineke', 'Olympiad', 'Diana, Princess of Wales', 'Honor', 'Gemini'

Marian Seeley Challenge
(3 Austin roses)
Ron Backman
'Graham Thomas'

Rose in a Bowl
Barbara & Bruce Lind

Floribunda Challenge
(3 Fl sprays)
Greg & Karen Madsen
'Doris Day', 'South Africa', 'Hot Cocoa'

Potpourri Challenge
Gretchen & Mike Humphrey
Mixed varieties

Small Gardens only Challenge
Pauline Feuliing
'Festival Fanfare'

Olympia Rose Society Challenge
Jerry Kaija
'The Pilgrim'

Most Fragrant Rose
Richard & Janis Parke

Miniature Rose in a Bowl
Greg & Karen Madsen
'Bee's Knees'

Miniature English Box
Gretchen & Michael Humphrey
'Dancing Flame', 'Bees’ Knees', 'Ruby Baby'

Miniature Bloom Progression
Carl & Carolyn Finch

Miniature Portrait
Jerry Kaija
'Glowing Amber'


Three Hts
Jerry Kaija

Three Floribunda Sprays (One Variety)
Mike & Alexa Peterson
'Gebruder Grimm'

Three Austin Shrubs
Richard & Janis Parke
'Mary Magdalene', 'Lilian Austin', 'The Squire'

Three Miniatures (One variety)
Barbara & Bruce Lind


Queen Fame! Lind, Barbara & Bruce
King Crescendo Madsen, Greg & Karen
Princess Francis Meilland Williams, Elena
HT Open Elina McClain, Gary & Cheryl
HT/Gr Spray Barbra Streisand Parke, Richard & Janis
Fl Bloom Mardi Gras Martin, Jo
Fl Spray Let's Celebrate Lind, Barbara & Bruce
Fl Spray (Double) Fabulous Wilson, Bill
Fl Spray (Single) Playboy Sheppard, Ken
Poly Spray Lovely Fairy Parke, Richard & Janis
Shrub Gertrude Jekyll Peterson, Mike & Alexa
Classic Shrub Heidelberg Martin, Jo
Modern Shrub Jan's Wedding Peterson, Mike & Alexa
Austin Shrub Gertrude Jekyll Peterson, Mike & Alexa
Climber Sombreuil Bachman, Ron
Dowager Konigen von Danemark Sheppard, Ken
Victorian Hugh Dickson Lind, Barbara & Bruce
Genesis Rosa rugosa alba Parke, Richard & Janis
Mini Queen Magic Show McClain, Gary & Cheryl
Mini King Jean Kenneally Lind, Barbara & Bruce
Mini Princess Irresistible Lind, Barbara & Bruce
Mini Spray Scott Lind, Barbara & Bruce
Miniflora Queen Foolish Pleasure McClain, Gary & Cheryl
Miniflora Single Will-o'-the-Wisp Peterson, Mike & Alexa

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