Pacific Northwest District

Pacific Northwest District Rose Show
June 4, 2016
Vancouver, Washington


J. Horace McFarland District Memorial Trophy
Carl & Carolyn Finch
‘Gold Medal', 'Tineke', 'Randy Scott', 'Sunstruck'', 'Dona Martin’, 'Olympiad

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Not awarded

Portland Rose Society Memorial Trophy
(5 HTs one variety)
Carl & Carolyn Finch

Judges Trophy
(3 exhibition blooms)
Jim Linman
‘Opening NIght', 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Fame!'

Dr. Paul & Carrie Miller Memorial Trophy
(Bloom Progression)
Karen & Merril Allen
'Marilyn Monroe'

The Fred Edmunds Jr. Memorial Trophy
Carl & Carolyn Finch
'Tineke', 'Irresistible'

The Puyallup Rose Society Trophy
(Min, Fl, HT)
Carl & Carolyn Finch
'Elina', 'White Licorice', 'Fairhope'

Seattle Rose Society Floribunda Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
Karen & Merril Allen
‘Sexy Rexy,’ ‘Glad Tidings,’ ‘Fragrant Wave'

Jeff Wyckoff Old Garden Rose Trophy
(5 OGRs)
Bruce & Barbara Lind
'Mme Hardy', 'James Mason', 'Baronne Prevost', 'Rose de Rescht', 'Mme. Plantier'

Marian Seeley Memorial Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Karen & Merril Allen
'Cherries 'n Cream', 'Dragon's Eye', 'Bonica'

Helene Schoen Memorial Trophy
("Rainbow" bloom progression)
Karen & Merril Allen
'Whisper', ‘Moonstone’, ‘Commonwealth Glory’

Mitchie Moe Memorial Trophy
(3 mini sprays)
Carl & Carolyn Finch

Vic Snitzler Memorial Trophy
(3 mini/MinFl blooms)
Karen & Merril Allen
‘Tammy Clemons,’ ‘Bee's Knees,’ ‘Peter Cottontail’


Queen, Tineke, Garrison, Stan & Gladys

King, Grande Amore, Lind, Bruce & Barbara

Princess, Marilyn Monroe, Snitzler, Margaret

HT/Gr Open, Elina, Allen, Karen & Merril

HT/Gr Spray, Gemini, Rpssetto, Louis & Sally

Fl Spray Single, Playboy, Parke, Richard & Janis

Fl Spray, Day Breaker, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Poly Spray, The Fairy, Allen, Dick & Pat

Shrub, Festival Fanfare, Martin, Jo

Climber, Fourth of July, Parke, Richard & Janis

Dowager, Rosa rugosa, Kiley, Jack & Beage

Victorian, Variegata di Bologna, Lind, Bruce & Barbara

Mini Queen, Lipstick 'n Lace, Allen, Karen & Merril

Mini King, Magic Show, McClain, Gary & Cheryl

Mini Princess, Heather Sproul, Peterson, Mike & Alexa

Mini Open, Luis Desamero, Peterson, Mike & Alexa

Mini Single, Grace Seward, Peterson, Mike & Alexa

Mini Spray, Tabasco Cat, McClain, Gary & Cheryl

Miniflora Queen, Foolish Pleasure, McClain, Gary & Cheryl


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