Pacific Northwest District

Pacific Northwest District Rose Show

June 22, 2013
Seattle, Washington


J. Horace McFarland District Memorial Trophy

Richard Parke
'Ronald Reagan', 'Gold Medal', 'Gemini', 'Sunstruck', 'LeAnn Rimes', 'Signature'

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Carl & Carolyn Finch
'Carrot Top', 'Hot Lips', 'Ruby Baby', 'Sweet Melody', 'Incognito', 'Hot Tamale', 'Dancing Flame'

Al Schamel Memorial Trophy
(5 HTs one variety)
Jason Fredette
'Let Freedom Ring'

Robert MacGavin Memorial Judges Trophy
(3 exhibition blooms)
Richard Parke
'Queen Charlotte', 'Pink Promise', 'Unidentified Variety'

Dr. Paul & Carrie Miller Memorial Trophy
(Bloom Progression)
Bruce & Barbara Lind

The Fred Edmunds Jr. Memorial Trophy
Jason Fredette
'Whisper', 'Irresistible'

Eleanor Conti Memorial Trophy
(Min, Fl, HT)
Gretchen & Mike Humphrey
'Loving Touch', 'Day Breaker', 'Marilyn Monroe'

Seattle Rose Society Floribunda Trophy
Jason Fredette
'Lavaglut', 'Sunsprite', 'Cinco de Mayo'

Jeff Wyckoff Old Garden Rose Trophy
(5 OGRs)
Jeff & Kathy Wyckoff
'Mme Hardy', 'James Mason', 'Marchesa Boccellla', 'Rosa gallica versicolor', 'Mme de la RĂ´che-Lambert' 

Marian Seeley Memorial Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Carl & Carolyn Finch
'Graham Thomas', 'Leonard Dudley Braithwaite', 'St. Cecilia'

Helene Schoen Memorial Trophy
("Rainbow" bloom progression)
Gretchen & Mike Humphrey
'Love & Peace', 'Crowd Pleaser', 'Opening Night'

Mitchie Moe Memorial Trophy
Bruce & Barbara Lind
'Barbara', 'Mike Peterson', 'Scott'

Vic Snitzler Memorial Trophy
(3 mini/MinFl blooms)
Carl & Carolyn Finch
'Daddy Frank', 'Hot Lips', 'Heather Sproul'


Queen Cleo Fredette, Brian
King Fame Lind, Bruce & Barbara
Princess Let Freedom Ring Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Court Grande Amore Lind, Bruce & Barbara
Fl Spray Queen Day Breaker Martin, Jo
Fl Spray King Day Breaker Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Fl Spray Princess Sexy Rexy Peterson, Mike & Alexa
Poly Spray The Fairy Little, Lou
Classic Shrub Heidelberg Martin, Jo
Modern Shrub Leonard Dudley Brathwaite Kaija, Jerry
Climber Dublin Bay Martin, Jo
Dowager Alfred Colomb Gant, Faith
Victorian Rose de Rescht Kaija, Jerry
Mini Queen Incognito Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Mini King Daddy Frank Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Mini Princess Incognito Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Mini Court Bees Knees Finch, Carl & Carolyn
Mini Spray Neon Cowboy Parke, Richard
Miniflora Queen Seattle Sunrise Fredette, Jason

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