Pacific Northwest District

Pacific Northwest District Rose Show
May 30, 2015
Richland, Washington


J. Horace McFarland District Memorial Trophy
Gretchen & Michael Humphrey
‘Grande Amore,’ ‘Gemini' (2), 'Firefighter,’ ‘Olympiad,’ ‘Savoy Hotel’

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Gretchen & Michael Humphrey
‘Glowing Amber,’ ‘Hot Tamale,’ ‘Giggles,’ ‘Magic Show’, ‘Baby Boomer,’ ‘Irresistible,’ ‘Ruby Baby’

Al Schamel Memorial Trophy
(5 HTs one variety)
Jim Campbell
‘Marilyn Monroe’

Judges Trophy
(3 exhibition blooms)
Gretchen & Michael Humphrey
‘Grande Amore,’ ‘Veterans’ Honor,’ ‘Solitaire’

Dr. Paul & Carrie Miller Memorial Trophy
(Bloom Progression)
Jim Linman
'Opening Night'

The Fred Edmunds Jr. Memorial Trophy
Not awarded

The Puyallup Rose Society Trophy
(Min, Fl, HT)
Not awarded

Seattle Rose Society Floribunda Trophy
(3 Fl sprays)
Jim Campbell 
‘Sexy Rexy,’ ‘Europeana,’ ‘Singin’ In the Rain

Jeff Wyckoff Old Garden Rose Trophy
(5 OGRs)
Not awarded

Marian Seeley Memorial Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Not awarded

Helene Schoen Memorial Trophy
("Rainbow" bloom progression)
Jim Linman
'Fame!', ‘Crowd Pleaser’, ‘Opening Night’

Mitchie Moe Memorial Trophy
(3 mini sprays)
Not awarded'

Vic Snitzler Memorial Trophy
(3 mini/MinFl blooms)
Gretchen & Michael Humphrey
‘Magic Show,’ ‘Giggles,’ ‘Butter Cream’


Queen, Grande Amore, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

King, Crowd Pleaser, Linman, Jim

Princess, Sugar Moon, Kelley, Mary Ann & Tom

Prince, Asso di Cuori, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Duchess, Marilyn Monroe, Campbell, Jim

Duke, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

HT Open, Gemini, Moore, Patrice

HT Spray, Black Magic, Angelos, Jolene

Gr Spray, Melody Parfumée, Kelley, Mary Ann & Tom

Fl Spray, Nicole, Louie, Bob

Poly Spray, China Doll, Cyrus, Barbara

Austin Shrub, Leonard Dudley Braithwaite, Campbell, Jim

Climber, Handel, Campbell, Jim

Dowager, Queen of Bourbons, Peterson, Mike

Victorian, Rose de Rescht, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Mini Queen, Bee's Knees, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Mini King, Luis Desamero, Humphrey, Gretchen & Mike

Mini Princess, Ruby Baby, Shelton, Warren

Mini Open, Tennessee, Snitzler, Margaret

Mini Single, Little Artist, Snitzler, Margaret

Mini Spray, Breath of Spring, Humphrey, Gretchen & MikE

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