Pacific Southwest District

Pacific Southwest District Rose Show
October 27, 2018
San Diego, California
(In conjunction with ARS Fall National)


J. Horace McFarland Memorial District Award
Bob & Kitty Belendez
‘Black Magic’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘St. Patrick’, ‘Gemini’, ‘Veteran’s’ ‘Honor’ 

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Linda Clark
‘Behold’, ‘Magic Show’, ‘Dr. Gary Rankin’, ‘Fairhope’, ‘Alysheba’, ‘Hilde’, ‘Kay Denise’ 

Mesa Rose Society District Trophy
(4 different color HT)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
‘St. Patrick’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Moonstone’, ‘Black Magic’ 

Herb Swim Memorial Award
(3 HT)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
‘St. Patrick’, ‘Ring of Fire’, ‘Black Magic’ 

Las Vegas Valley Rose Society Trophy
(Bloom cycle)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
‘Ring of Fire’ 

Pacific Rose Society Trophy
(5 different Fl sprays)
Not awarded 

Phoenix Rose Society Trophy
(3 same Fl sprays)
Bob & Kitty BelendeZ

Los Angeles Rose Society Challenge Bowl
(Bouquet of 6-9 OGRs)
Not awarded

Albuquerque Rose Society Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
‘The Squire’, ‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’, ‘Darcey Bussell’ 

Invitational Rose Seminar Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Not awarded

Dee Bennett Memorial Trophy
(12 Min or MinFl in one vase)
Elaine Ornelas
‘Bee’s Knees’, ‘Family Holiday’ 

Santa Barbara Rose Society Trophy
(3 Mini sprays)
Not awarded 

El Paso Rose Society Trophy
(Mini Box)
Hetty Shurtleff
‘Ruby Pendant’ 

Luis Desamero Challenge Bowl
(18 Minis in one vase)
Not awarded 

Cal and Barb Hayes Challenge Class
(9 Minis)
Not awarded 

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Challenge Class
(9 large stems)
Not awarded 

California Coastal Rose Society Trophy
(3 single sprays)
Not awarded 

Ventura County Rose Society District Trophy
(3 polys)
Bob & Dona Martin
‘Sneezy’, ‘Lullaby’, ‘Dopey’

San Diego Rose Society District Trophy
(5-9 Fl sprays in one container)
Not awarded

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