Pacific Southwest District

Pacific Southwest District Rose Show
April 22, 2017
Arcadia, California
(In conjunction with ARS Mini National)


J Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Ring of Fire', 'Black Magic', 'Randy Scott', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Hot Princess'

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Glowing Amber', 'Amber Star', 'Dancing Flame', 'Luis Desamero', 'Magic Show', 'Dr. Tommy Cairns', 'Fairhope'

Mesa Rose Society District Trophy
(4 different color HT)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'St. Patrick', 'Hot Princess', 'Miss Kitty;, 'Ring of Fire'

Herb Swim Memorial Award
(3 HT)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Marilyn Monroe', 'Trojan Victory', 'Gentle Giant'

Las Vegas Valley Rose Society District Trophy
(Bloom cycle)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Marilyn Monroe'

Pacific Rose Society District Trophy
(5 different Fl sprays)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Lavaglut', 'Passionate Kisses', 'Hot Cocoa', 'Chihuly', 'Moondance’

Phoenix Rose Society District Trophy
(3 same Fl sprays)
Suzanne Horn
'Love Song'

Los Angeles Rose Society Challenge Bowl
[Bouquet of 6-9 OGRs]
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'La Reine', 'Baronne Prevost', 'Salet'

Albuquerque Rose Society District Trophy
[3 shrubs]
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Heathcliuff', 'Radio Times', 'Falstaff'

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Challenge Class
(9 or more large-flowered rose stems)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Trojan Victory' (2), 'Marilyn Monroe' (4), 'Moonstone' (4), 'Gentle Giant’ (2)

California Coastal Rose Society District Trophy
(3 single sprays)
Bob & Dona Martin

Ventura County Rose Society Challenge Class
(3 poly sprays)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Lullaby' (2), 'Lady Reading'

San Diego Rose Society Challenge Class
(5-9 Fl sprays in one container)
Suzanne Horn
'Love Song’

Invitational Rose Seminar District Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Dr. John Dickman', 'Foolish Pleasure', 'Leading Lady', 'Powerhouse', 'Tammy Clemons'

Dee Bennett Memorial Trophy
(12 minis or MinFl in one container)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Alakazam' (6), 'Memphis Music' (6)

Santa Barbara Rose Society District Trophy
[3 mini sprays]
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Dancing Flame', 'Luis Desamero', 'Magic Show'

El Paso Rose Society District Trophy
(Mini Box)
Carl Mahanay
‘Michel Cholet', 'Breath of Spring', 'Daddy Frank’

Luis Desamero Challenge Bowl
(18 minis)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Luis Desamero', 'Dr. Tommy Cairns', 'Magic Show', 'Eternal Flame', 'Behold', 'Amber Star', 'Glowing Amber'

Cal and Barb Hayes Challenge Class
(9 minis)
No entries


Shrub Challenge - 3 in separate containers, The Squire, Evelyn, Heathcliff, Suzanne Horn

OGR Bouquet - 6 or more blooms or sprays, Yolande d'Aragon, Ruth Tiffany

Hi - Lo Frame, Wild Blue Yonder, Diamond Eyes, Darryl Pearson

Roses in a Picture Frame, Iceberg. Orangeade, Monica Baro

Pacific Rose Society Founders Trophy - 3 HTs in 1 container, Hot Princess, Bob & Dona Martin


Queen of Show, Ring of Fire, Gary Bulman

King of Show, Randy Scott, Gary Bulman

Princess of Show, Black Magic, Tom & Miriam Cooney

Court of Honor, Dona Martin, Gary Bulman

Court of Honor, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Clark

Court of Honor, Neptune, Suzanne Horn

Court of Honor, Sunstruck, Linda Clark

Court of Honor, St Patrick, Bob & Kitty Belendez

Court of Honor, Secret Lady, Linda Clark

Three Blooms, Randy Scott, Gary Bulman

Six Blooms, Dona Martin, Ron Gregory

Open Bloom, Opening Night, Darryl Pearson

Hybrid Tea Spray, Joann Edwards, Linda Clark

Grandiflora Spray, Twilight Zone, Bob & Dona Martin

Decorative HT, Paradise Found, Kathy Monge

Ht or Gr Bowl, Color Magic, Linda Clark

Ht or Gr Box, Cajun Sunrise, Ron Gregory

Floribunda Spray Queen, Love Song, Suzanne Horn

Floribunda Spray King, Frankie, Darryl Pearson

Floribunda Spray Princess, Sparkle & Shine, Ruth Tiffany

Floribunda Spray Court, Pink Gruss an Aachen, Tom & Miriam Cooney

Floribunda Spray Court, Playboy, Darryl Pearson

Floribunda Spray Court, Fired Up, Bob & Dona Martin

Floribunda Spray Court, Fabulous!, Suzanne Horn

Floribunda Spray Court, English Miss, Ruth Tiffany

Floribunda Spray Court, Golden Holstein, Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

One Fl Bloom, English Miss, Linda Clark

Three Fl Blooms, Ann Reilly, Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Three Floribunda Sprays, Fabulous!, Suzanne Horn

Six Floribunda Sprays, Fabulous!, Suzanne Horn

Twelve Floribunda Sprays/Blooms - one variety, Fabulous!, Suzanne Horn

Twelve Floribunda Sprays/Blooms - mixed varieties, Mixed varieties, Ruth Tiffany

Floribunda Box, Johnny Becnel, Ron Gregory

Three Polyantha Sprays, Chatillon Rose, Ron Gregory

Dowager Queen, Yolande d'Aragon, Ron Gregory

Victorian Award, Francis Dubreuil, Ruth Tiffany

Three OGR, Treasure Trail, Suzanne Horn

OGR Box, Yolande d'Aragon, Ron Gregory

Modern Shrub Queen, Be-Bop, Darryl Pearson

Modern Shrub King, Garden and Home, Bob & Dona Martin

Modern Shrub Princess, Prospero, Linda Clark

Modern Shrub Court, Heathcliff, Suzanne Horn

Modern Shrub Court, Evelyn, Darryl Pearson

Modern Shrub Court, Golden Zest, Bob & Dona Martin

Modern Shrub Court, Belle Story, Linda Clark

Modern Shrub Court, Grace, John & Barbara Lester

Modern Shrub Court, Flower Girl, Not recorded

Six Shrub Blooms or sprays, Sally Holmes, Gary Bulman

Twelve Shrub Blooms or sprays - one variety, Princess Alexandria of Kent, Ruth Tiffany

Shrub Bowl, Molineux, Bob & Dona Martin

Climber Bloom or Spray, The Impressionist, Bob & Dona Martin

Six Climber Blooms or Sprays, Newport Fairy, Bill Christensen

Twelve Climber Blooms or Sprays, Polka, Ruth Tiffany

Climber Box, Fourth of July, Ruth Tiffany

One Bloom or Spray of a Single, Frankie, Darryl Pearson

Most Fragrant Rose, Ruffles & Flourishes, Linda Clark

Seedling or Sport, Ann Morrow Lindberg x Julia Child (AMLJC 19), Bob & Dona Martin

Judges Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, Marilyn Monroe, Akiko Strathman

Judges Floribunda or Polyantha, City of San Francisco, David Bassani

 Judges Mini or Miniflora, Irresistible, Bud & Kay Jones

Judges OGR, Yolande d'Aragon, Akiko Strathman

Judges Shrub or Climber, Outta the Blue, Bud & Kay Jones

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