Pacific Southwest District

Pacific Southwest District Rose Show

May 10, 2014
San Diego, California

(In conjunction with Spring 2014 ARS National)


J Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
Not Awarded

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Bob & Dona Martin
'Arcanum', 'Magic Show', 'Peter Alonso', 'Miss Flippins', 'Fairhope', 'Joy', 'Eternal Flame’

Mesa Rose Society District Trophy
[4 different color HT]
Not Awarded

Herb Swim Memorial Award
[3 HT]
Bob & Dona Martin
'Marlon’s Day', 'Dona Martin', 'Moonstone''

Las Vegas Valley Rose Society District Trophy
[Bloom cycle]
Evelyn Alemanni
'Barbra Streisand'

Pacific Rose Society District Trophy
[5 different Fl sprays]
Bob & Dona Martin
'Hot Cocoa', 'Stadt den Helder', 'Kimberlina', 'Lavaglut', 'Marmalade Skies'

Phoenix Rose Society District Trophy
[3 same Fl sprays]
Linda Clark
'By Appointment'

California Coastal Rose Society District Trophy
[3 single sprays]
Walt & Diana Kilmer

Los Angeles Rose Society Challenge Bowl
[Bouquet of 6-9 OGRs]
Not Awarded

Albuquerque Rose Society District Trophy
[3 shrubs]
Suzanne Horn
'Princess Alexandra of Kent', 'Fair Bianca', 'The Squire'

Invitational Rose Seminar District Trophy
[5 MinFl]
Suzanne Horn
'Dr. John Dickman', 'Renegade' [Min], 'Butter Cream', 'Charismatic', 'Robin Alonso'

Dee Bennett Memorial Trophy
[12 minis in one container]
Suzanne Horn

Santa Barbara Rose Society District Trophy
[3 mini sprays]
Not Awarded

El Paso Rose Society District Trophy
[Mini Box]
Not Awarded

Luis Desamero Challenge Bowl
(18 minis)
Not Awarded

Cal and Barb Hayes Challenge Class
(9 minis)
Bob & Dona Martin
'Irresistible', 'Dancing Flame', 'Joy', Eternal Flame', 'Miss Flippins', 'Arcanum', 'Hello Gorgeous', 'Soroptimist International', 'Fairhope'

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Challenge Class
(9)or more large-flowered rose stems)
Suzanne Horn
'Love Song', 'Princess Alexandra of Kent', 'Sir John Betjeman', 'Sexy Rexy'

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