Pacific Southwest District

Pacific Southwest District Rose Show
November 21, 2015
Mesa, Arizona


Rosedale Bowl
(6 HT)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Cajun Sunrise’, ‘Affirm’, ‘Cajun Moon, ‘Magnifica’, ‘Mohana’, ‘Let Freedom Ring’


J Horace McFarland Memorial District Trophy
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Black Magic', 'Hot Princess', 'Let Freedom Ring', 'Randy Scott', 'St. Patrick’

Ralph S. Moore District Trophy
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
'Kristin’, ‘Jilly Jewel’, ‘Rainbow’s End’, ‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’, ‘Miss Flippins’, ‘Pierrine’, ‘Baby Boomer’

Mesa Rose Society District Trophy
(4 different color HT)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Let Freedom Ring', 'Randy Scott', 'Ring of Fire', 'St Patrick'

Herb Swim Memorial Award
(3 HT)
Linda Clark
'Secret', 'Black Magic'. 'Marlon’s Day'

Las Vegas Valley Rose Society District Trophy
(Bloom cycle)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Black Magic'

Pacific Rose Society District Trophy – * BEST OF SHOW *
(5 different Fl sprays)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Passionate Kisses’, ‘Eureka’, ‘Moondance’, ‘Trumpeter’, ‘Julia Child’

Phoenix Rose Society District Trophy
(3 same Fl sprays)
Bob & Kitty Belendez

California Coastal Rose Society District Trophy
(3 single sprays)
Not Awarded

Los Angeles Rose Society Challenge Bowl
(Bouquet of 6-9 OGRs)
Not Awarded

Albuquerque Rose Society District Trophy
(3 shrubs)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Leonard Dudley Braithwaite', 'Molineux', 'The Squire'

Invitational Rose Seminar District Trophy
(5 MinFl)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Butter Cream', 'Dr. John Dickman', 'Dr. Troy Garrett', 'Shawn Sease', 'Whirlaway'

Dee Bennett Memorial Trophy
(12 minis in one container)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Santa Barbara Rose Society District Trophy
[3 mini sprays]
Not Awarded

El Paso Rose Society District Trophy
(Mini Box)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Ambiance’, ‘Butter Cream’, ‘Focal Point’

Luis Desamero Challenge Bowl
(18 minis)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Dancing Flame’, ‘Jilly Jewel’, ‘Baby Boomer’, ’Irresistible’, ’Dr. Tommy Cairns’, ‘Glowing Amber’, ‘Sunswept’, ‘Miss Flippins’, ‘Kristin’

Cal and Barb Hayes Challenge Class
(9 minis)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Rose Window’, ‘Dr. Tommy Cairns’, ‘Dancing Flame’, Irresistible’, ‘Jilly Jewel’, ‘Baby Boomer’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Miss Flippins’, ‘Kristin’

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society Challenge Class
(9 or more large-flowered rose stems)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero
‘Gemini’, ‘Affirm’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’, ‘Magnifica’, Cajun Sunrise’, Veterans Honor’

Ventura County Rose Society Challenge Class
(3 poly sprays)
Bob & Kitty Belendez
'Lady Reading', 'Lullaby', 'Verdun'

San Diego Rose Society Challenge Class
(5-9 Fl sprays in one container)
Dr. Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero


Hi-Lo, Fairhope, White Licorice, Linda Clark

Rose Bowl-HT/Gr, St. Patrick, Rick & Olivia Bennett

Rose Bowl-Fl, Geisha, Linda Clark

Rose Bowl-Shrubs/OGR, The Squire, Ruth Tiffany

Rose Bowl- Min/MinFl, Foolish Pleasure, Gary Bulman

English Box-Large Flower, St. Patrick, Hal Reynolds

English Box Floribunda, Brass Band, Hal Reynolds

English Box - Shrubs/CL/OGR, Linda Campbell, Fourth of July, Ruth Tiffany

Artist’s Palette-Large Flower, Hannah Gordon, Sexy Rexy, Ketchup & Mustard, Julia Child, Moondance, Nancy O'Leary

Artist’s Palette-Min/MinFl, Ambiance, Butter Cream, Focal Point, Power Point, Memphis Music, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Picture Frame-Large Flower, Golden Buddha, Linda Clark


Queen, Veterans' Honor, Rick & Olivia Bennett

King, Sunstruck, Hal Reynolds

Princess, Mr. Caleb, Rick & Olivia Bennett

Court, Black Magic, Linda Clark

Court, Marlon's Day, Linda Clark

Court, Hot Princess, Linda Clark

Court, Secret, Linda Clark

Three HT/GR, Bold & Beautiful, Hal Reynolds

HT/Gr Spray, Gemini, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

HT/Gr Open, Melody Parfumee, Hal Reynolds

Decorative, Single or Vintage, Yves Piaget, Linda Clark

Most Fragrant Modern Rose, Ruffles & Flourishes, Linda Clark

Fl Bloom, Grand Prize, Gary Bulman

Three Fl Blooms, Brass Band, Hal Reynolds

Fl Spray Queen, English Miss, Linda Clark

Fl Spray King, Lady of the Dawn, Hal Reynolds

Fl Spray Princess, Marmalade Skies, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Fl Spray Court, Trumpeter, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Fl Spray Court, Playgirl, Gary Bulman

Fl Spray Court, Moondance, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Fl Spray Court, Cappa Magna, Hal Reynolds

Three Fl Sprays, Topsy Turvy, Hal Reynolds

Polyantha Spray, Aunt Margy's Rose, Ruth Tiffany

Three Poly Sprays, Orange Morsdag, Margo Koster, Ruth Tiffany

Climber Bloom, Altissimo, Bill & Candy Sheperd

Climber Spray, Fourth of July, Rick & Olivia Bennett

Modern Shrub bloom, Belle Story, Bill & Candy Sheperd

Modern Shrub spray, Lyda Rose, Nancy O'Leary

Most Fragrant Shrub, Tamora, Linda Clark

Victorian Award, Golden Buddha, Linda Clark

Mini Queen, Fairhope, Linda Clark

Mini King, Alysheba, Linda Clark

Mini Princess, Lady Bren, Linda Clark

Mini Court, Irresistible, Linda Clark

Mini Court, Old Country Charm, Bill & Candy Sheperd

Mini Court, The Lighthouse, Hal Reynolds

Mini Court, Breath of Spring, Gary Bulman

Three Minis, Alysheba, Linda Clark

Miniature Spray, Little White Lies, Linda Clark

Lightly Petaled Mini (4-12 petals), The Streak, Christina Ropeter

Micro- Mini Bloom or Spray, Hi, Hal Reynolds

Miniflora Queen, Gift of Love, Gary Bulman

Miniflora King, Flawless, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Princess, Butter Cream, Nancy O'Leary

Miniflora Court, Lo and Behold, Linda Clark

Miniflora Court, Showtime, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Court, Louisville Lady, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Court, Tammy Clemons, Gary Bulman

Three Miniflora Blooms, Butter Cream, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Sport or Seedlings, Sport of Playgirl, Ruth Tiffany

Best Judges-Horticulture, Playgold, Miriam Cooney

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