Tenarky District

Tenarky District Rose Show

September 30, 2017

Bowling Green, Kentucky

M. S. Hershey Bowl
Joanna Deck
'My Mary Ann', 'Magnificence', 'My Lady Barbara', 'Marlon's Day, 'Louise  Estes'

J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy
Joanna Deck
'Dona Martin', 'My Mary Ann', 'Moonstone',  'My Lady Barbara', 'Marlons Day' 

Ralph S. Moore District Award
Joanna Deck
'Soroptimist International', 'Breath of Spring', 'Fairhope', 'Memphis King', 'Bee's Knees', 'Erin Alonso', 'Joy' 

Mack & Marybeth Blackburn District Award
(4 HTs)
Joanna Deck
'My Mary Ann', 'The Great White', 'Dona Martin', 'My Lady Barbara' 

Kent Campbell District Award
(4 Hts different color class)
Joanna Deck
'Miss Katelyn', 'Veterans Honor', 'Stainless Steel', 'The Great White' 

Robert & Glenda Whitaker District Award
(4 pink HTs)
Joanna Deck
'Louise Estes', 'Brother Hugh', 'Crescendo', 'Dona Martin'

Charles Dawson Memorial District Award
(3 HT)
Not awarded 

Lester Smith District Award
(3 HT or Gr same variety)
Joanna Deck

Peggy & Mary Jane Utz Memorial Award
(3 mini sprays)
Joanna Deck

Monty Justice Memorial Award
Joanna Deck
'My Lady Barbara', 'Randy Scott',  'My Mary Ann' 

Whit Wells District Award
(5 MinFl)
Joanna Deck
'Cooper', 'Dr. Troy Garrett', 'First Choice', 'Show Stopper', 'Tammy Clemons'

Jimmy & Evelyn Moser District Award
(3 shrubs)
No entries

Tenarky District Grandiflora Challenge
(2 Gr)
No entries

Tenarky District Floribunda Challenge
(3 Fl)
Joanna Deck
'Natali', 'Shelia's Perfume', 'Johnny Becnel'

Senior Challenge                 
Jill Chappell
'Veterans Honor' (2)                 

Rose in a Frame large rose
Martha Reich
'Ring of Fire' 

HT Stages of Bloom
Bill & Jill Chappell

Hi - Lo
Gary & Monica Rankin
'Folklore', 'Dr Gary Rankin' 

HT English Box
Bill & Jill Chappell

Tin Can large roses
Lynn Schmidt
Mixed varieties

HT Rose in a bowl
Ricky Lockhart

Min/MInFl Rose in a Bowl
Carolyn Phelps
Foolish Pleasure

Miniature English Box
Bill & Jill Chappell

Three Min/MInFl Blooms
Bill & Jill Chappell
'Joy', 'Unbridled', 'Whirlaway'

Miniature Artist's Palette
Gary & Monica Rankin
'Bee's Knees', 'Hot Tamale', 'Irresistible', 'Sweet Harriette', 'Pierrine' 

Min/MInFl Rose in a Frame Mini
Gary & Monica Rankin


Queen, The Great White, Joanna Deck

King, Marlon's Day, Joanna Deck

Princess, Mr. Caleb, Joanna Deck

Court, Affirm, Joanna Deck

Court, Veterans' Honor, Bill & Jill Chappell

Court, Snuffy, Joanna Deck

HT Open, Lynette, Gary & Monica Rankin

HT/Gr Spray, Bride's Dream, Cindy Wernigh

Fl Bloom, Johnny Becnel, Joanna Deck

Fl Spray Queen, Scentimental, Kathy Brennan

Fl Spray King, Hannah Gordon, Gary & Monica Rankin

Fl Spray Princess, Sheila's Perfume, Kathy Brennan

Climber, Golden Showers, Cindy Wernigh

Single Rose, Dainty Bess, Kathy Brennan

Classic Shrub, Brilliant Red Veranda, Kathy Brennan

Modern Shrub Bloom, Quietness, Gary & Monica Rankin

Modern Shrub Spray, Sally Holmes, Lynn Schmidt

Dowager, Souv de la Malmaison, Gary & Monica Rankin

Victorian, Nastarana, Gary & Monica Rankin

Fragrant, Fragrant Cloud, Janet Miller

Mini Queen, Becka Ann, Jeff & Cindy Garrett

Mini King, Daddy Frank, Gary & Monica Rankin

Mini Princess, Bee's Knees, Larry Baird

Mini Court, Memphis King, Charles Phelps

Mini Court, Old Country Charm, Janet Miller

Mini Court, Ty, Larry Baird

Miniflora Queen, First Choice, Joanna Deck

Miniflora King, Crystal Palace, Joanna Deck

Miniflora Princess, Tammy Clemons, Joanna Deck

Miniflora Court, I Believe in You, Jeff & Cindy Garrett

Miniflora Court, Nancy Jean, Joanna Deck

Miniflora Court, Whirlaway, Jeff & Cindy Garrett

Mini Spray, Best of '04, Lynn Schmidt

Miniflora Spray, Cooper, Larry Baird

MinMinFl Single, Sunlow, Gary & Monica Rankin

Micro Mini, Cinderella, Larry & Connie Baird

Min/MinFl Open, Creamsicle, Richard Anthony

HT Seedling/Sport, Sport of Memorial Day, Bill & Jill Chappell

Min/MinFl Seedling/Sport, Glowing Amber X Fairhope, Richard Anthony

Judges HT, Folklore, Anne Hering

Judges Min/MinFl, Daddy Frank, Jim Hering

Novice HT, Dark Desire, Osa Thomas 

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