How to Report Show Results

Rose show results from ARS shows are reported to in any manner by e-mail here. A printable Rose Show Winners Form that can be sent by mail is also available here.

In addition, it is the practice of to list separately the winners of the national and district challenge classes by exhibitor and the varieties shown. Since space for information on these classes is not provided on the show results form, reporters are asked to append these results to the form or otherwise submit them by e-mail

You may also use the form for reporting winners supplied by the American Rose Society, however you should know that reports sent directly to the American Rose Society are forwarded to It is therefore more direct to report the results of local shows and complete results of District shows to

Reports of rose show results are solicited in the following major standard classes by name of variety and exhibitor(s):

  • Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Queen, King, Princess and the entire Court of Honor
  • Hybrid Tea/Grandifloras Open Bloom
  • Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Spray
  • Floribunda One Bloom
  • Floribunda Spray (Queen, King, Princess and Court if offered)
  • Polyantha Spray
  • Classic Shrub
  • Modern Shrub (Queen, King, Princess and Court if offered)
  • Climber
  • Dowager Queen
  • Victorian Award
  • Genesis Award
  • Most Fragrant (any class)
  • Miniature Queen, King, Princess, and Court
  • Miniature Open Bloom
  • Miniature Single
  • Miniature Spray.
  • Miniflora Queen, King, Princess, and Court of Honor
  • Miniflora Open
  • Miniflora Single
  • Miniflora Spray
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