04-08 RS of Tucson

Rose Society of Tucson
April 8, 2017
Tucson, Arizona

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Best in Show, Tropical Lightning, Swartz, Terry

Queen, Paradise Found, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

King, St. Patrick, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Princess, Ring of Fire, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Court, Hot Princess, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Court, Crescendo, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Court, Veterans' Honor, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Fl Bloom, Fabulous!, Swartz, Terry

Fl Spray Queen, Fabulous!, Swartz, Terry

Fl Spray King, Playgirl, Swartz, Terry

Fl Spray Princess, Trumpeter, Strong, Liz

Modern Shrub, Belle Story, Swartz, Terry

Climber, Tropical Lightning, Swartz, Terry

Dowager, Baronne Prevost, Marshall, Barbara

Victorian, Paul Neyron, Jepsen, Mike

Fragrant, Francis Dubreuil, Jepsen, Mike

Mini Queen, The Lighthouse, Jepsen, Mike

Mini King, Soroptimist International, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Mini Princess, Glowing Amber, Singer, Judy

Mini Court, Cupcake, Schmich, Krystal

Mini Court, Arcanum, Swartz, Terry

Mini Court, Alysheba, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Miniflora Queen, Cooper, Jepsen, Mike

Miniflora King, Abby's Angel, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Miniflora Princess, Conundrum, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

Miniflora Court, Power Point, Carruthers, Gary

Miniflora Court, Dr. John Dickman, Jepsen, Mike

Min/MinFl Box, Conundrum, Pavlovich, Lou & Diane

English Box, Fabulous!, Swartz, Terry

Hi-Lo, Gemini, Arcanum, Swartz, Terry

Large Bowl, Dainty Bess, Miller, Sandy

Min/MinFl Bowl, Maroon Eight, Jepsen, Mike

Novice, Oklahoma, Clausen, David 

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