04-09 San Fernando Valley RS

San Fernando Valley Rose Society
April 9, 2016
Northridge, California

Queen of Show, St. Patrick, Gary Bulman

King of Show, Let Freedom Ring, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Princess of Show, White Success, Gary Bulman

Court of Honor, Randy Scott, Gary Bulman

Court of Honor, Marilyn Monroe, Chris & Leah Greenwood

Court of Honor, Moonstone, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Court of Honor, Black Magic, Carl Mahanay

Three HT Blooms - Variety, Dona Martin, Carl Mahanay

Three HT Blooms - Mixed Varieties, Let Freedom Ring/Moonstone/Gentle Giant, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Six HT Blooms - Variety, Ring of Fire, Chris & Leah Greenwood

Six HT Blooms - Mixed Varieties, Let Freedom Ring/Gentle Giant, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

HT or Grandiflora Spray, Brigadoon, Ken Huff

Bloom Fully Open - HT or GR, Julie Newmar, Vicki Wanek

Decorative Hybrid Tea Bloom, Good As Gold, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Fl Spray Queen, Golden Holstein, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Fl Spray King, Fabulous, Gary Bulman

Fl Spray Princess, Lady of the Dawn, Hetty Shurtleff

Fl Spray Court, Passionate Kisses, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Fl Spray Court, Sexy Rexy, Gary Bulman

Fl Spray Court, Fired Up, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Fl Spray Court, Preference, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Floribunda Bloom, White Licorice, Ken Huff

Polyantha Spray, Lady Reading, Hetty Shurtleff

Floribunda Bouquet, Passionate Kisses/Golden Holstein/Preference/Chihuly, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Bloom - Single, Frankie, Carl Mahanay

Spray - Single, Golden Wings, Loren Zelden

Dowager Queen, Sidonie, Janet Sklar

Classic Shrub, Cornelia, Hetty Shurtleff

Modern Shrub, Gertrude Jekyll, Janet Sklar

Climber, Tropical Lightening, Chris & Leah Greenwood

Mini Queen, Erin Alonso, Gary Bulman

Mini King, Alysheba, Gary Bulman

Mini Princess, Joy, Gary Bulman

Mini Court, Magic Show, Carl Mahanay

Mini Court, Pina Colada, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Mini Court, Luis Desamero, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero 

Mini Court, Hello Gorgeous, Chris & Leah Greenwood 

Three Mini Blooms, Magic Show, Gary Bulman

Mini Open, Tattooed Daughter, Aprille Curtis

Mini Spray, Dr. Tommy Cairns, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Three Mini Sprays, Dancing Flame, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Miniflora Queen, Butter Cream, Gary Bulman

Miniflora King, Dr. John Dickman, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Princess, Foolish Pleasure, Ken Huff 

Miniflora Court, Show Stopper , Gary Bulman

Miniflora Court, Equinox, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Court, Robin Alonso, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Miniflora Court, Shawn Sease, Gary Bulman

Miniflora Spray, Ingrid, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Three MinFl Blooms, Louisville Lady, Ken Huff

Mini Single, Lavender Spoon, Carl Mahanay

Miniflora Single, Sunglow, Hal Reynolds

Novice HT/Gr, St. Patrick, Lisa Guerrero

Novie Fl, etc, Citrus Tease, Lisa Guerrero

Hi-Lo, Let Freedom Ring & Powerhouse, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Most Fragrant Rose, Rock & Roll, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Rose-In-A-Bowl - HT or GR, Sunstruck, Gary Bulman

Rose-In-A-Bowl - Miniature, Magic Show, Tommy Cairns & Luis Desamero

Rose-In-A-Bowl - Miniflora, Butter Cream, Carl Mahanay

Judges HT or GR, St. Patrick, Akiko Strathmann

Judges Floribunda, Polyantha, Lavaglut, Kathy Monge

Judges Shrub, OGR or Climber, Fourth of July, Candy LaChance

Judges Miniature or Miniflora, Marriotta, Akiko Strathmann

Founder's Trophy, Night 'N' Day & Marilyn Monroe, Robert McLain, Sr.

SFVRS Queen, Veterans’ Honor, Robert McLain, Sr.

SFVRS Mini Queen, Bee’s Knees, Loren Zelden    

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