04-16 San Diego RS

San Diego Rose Society
April 16, 2016
San Diego, California

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Queen of Show, Marilyn Monroe, Linda Clark

King of Show, Hot Princess, William Wallace

Princess of Show, Randy Scott, Carl Mahanay

Court of Honor, Black Magic, Carl Mahanay

Court of Honor, Sunstruck, Bob & Marty Kolb

Court of Honor, Dina Gee, Gary Bulman

Court of Honor, Rock & Roll, Carl Mahanay

Three HT/Gr Blooms - One Variety, Mr. Caleb, John & Barbara Lester

One HT/Gr Spray, Wild Blue Yonder, Bob & Marty Kolb

One Fully Opened HT/Gr Bloom, Wild Blue Yonder, Linda Clark

One Fl Bloom, Shazam, Linda Clark

One Fully Opened Fl Bloom, Oh My!, Bob & Dona Martin

Three Fl Blooms , Ketchup & Mustard, Linda Clark

Fl Spray Queen, Ebb Tide, Gary Bulman

Fl Spray King, Dancing Pink, Bob & Dona Martin

Fl Spray Princess, Cinco de Mayo, Sue Streeper

Fl Spray Court, Escapade, Linda Clark

Fl Spray Court, Showbiz, John & Barbara Lester

Fl Spray Court, Perfume Tiger, Bob & Dona Martin

Fl Spray Court, Marmalade Skies, Mercedez Onpenza

Three Fl Sprays - One or more varieties, Passionate Kisses, Sue Streeper

One Poly Spray, Lauren, Linda Clark

Three Poly Sprays - One or more varieties, Dopey, Hal Reynolds

Fl English Box, Ketchup & Mustard, Bob & Dona Martin

Mini Queen, Dr. Gary Rankin, Linda Clark

Mini King, Magic Show, William Wallace

Mini Princess, Nancy Jean, Evelyn Reed & Paul Jackson

Mini Court, Joy, Bob & Dona Martin

Mini Court, Fairhope, William Wallace

Mini Court, Erin Alonso, William Wallace

Mini Court, Breath of Spring, Carl Mahanay

Miniflora Queen, Shirley Raye, Bob & Dona Martin

Miniflora King, Butter Cream, John & Barbara Lester

Miniflora Princess, Powerhouse, John & Barbara Lester

Miniflora Court, Lo and Behold, Linda Clark

Miniflora Court, Dr. John Dickman, John & Barbara Lester

Miniflora Court, Glowing Sunset, John & Barbara Lester

Miniflora Court, Power Point, Linda Clark

Three Min/MinFl Blooms - One Variety, Alakazam, Carl Mahanay

Min/MinFl Spray, Lavender Spoon, Carl Mahanay

Three Min/MinFl Sprays - One Variety, Cooper, John & Barbara Lester

Single Min/MinFl Bloom, Grace Seward, Carl Mahanay

Open Min/MinFl Bloom, Make Believe, Ruth Tiffany

Min/MinFl Cycle of bloom, Dr. John Dickman, Bob & Dona Martin

Min/MinFl English Box, Butter Cream, John & Barbara Lester

Min/MinFl Artists Palette, Irresistible, Marie Jeanette, Dancing Flame, Kristin. Josh Alonso Bee's Knees, Carl Mahanay

Climber, The Impressionist, John & Barbara Lester

Classic Shrub Bloom or Spray, Bouquet Parfait, Bob & Dona Martin

Modern Shrub - Bloom, Safari, Linda Clark

Austin Shrub - Bloom, Prospero, Linda Clark

Modern Shrub - Spray, Flower Girl, Evelyn Alamanni

Shrub Collection of Three, Bouquet Parfait, Bob & Dona Martin

Genesis Award, Rosa gallica officinalis, Bob & Dona Martin

Dowager Queen, Henri Martin, Bob & Dona Martin

Victorian Award, Pompon Blanc Parfait, Bob & Dona Martin

Novice, Ebb Tide, Michele Foley

Large Single Petaled Spray, Puanani, Kathleen Strong

Seedling, Seedling, Chris Greenwood

HT or GR Bowl, Polka, Phyllis & Lou Burleson

Fl or Shrub Bowl, Sexy Rexy, Bob & Dona Martin

Three Min/MinFl in a Bowl, Marriotta, Linda Clark

Bouquet Bowl - Five or More Blooms, Purple Skyliner, Gartendirektor Otto Linne, White Pet, Kathleen Strong

Most Fragrant HT, Gr or Fl, Firefighter, John & Barbara Lester

Most Fragrant Shrub, Gertrude Jekyll, Mary Elena & Helen O'Hara

Matched pair, Black Magic, Bob & Dona Martin

HT or Gr Cycle of bloom, Tropical Sunset, Jim Price

Picture Frame - One Bloom, Crescendo, Carl Mahanay

Kenneally  Bowl - One HT/Gr, Marilyn Monroe, Gary Bulman

Colonel Phil Ash Memorial Fl Bouquet - 5-9 Stems, Dancing Pink, Bob & Dona Martin

Intermediate HT, Gr, Fl Bloom or Spray, Rock & Roll, Bob & Marty Kolb

Intermediate Mini or MinFl Bloom or Spray, Family Holiday, Bob & Marty Kolb

Judges HT/Gr Bloom, Moonstone, Akiko Strathman

Judges Fl Spray, Lavaglut, Chris Greenwood

Judges Mini or MinFl Bloom or Spray, Akiko San, Akiko Strathman

Judges Any Other, Fourth of July, Kathy Monge    

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