04-24 Mount Diablo RS

Mount Diablo Rose Society
April 24, 2016
Dublin, California

Best of Show - 3 HT Sprays, Gemini, Sandee Kolter

Queen of Show, Marilyn Monroe, Sally Estee

King, Miss All-American Beauty, Sandee Kolter

Princess, Dina Gee, Janice Miles

Court, Black Magic, Hilary Elkin

Court, Neptune, Lou Evans

Court, Fame!, Janice Miles

Court, Perfect Moment, Deane Coleman

Court, St. Patrick, Sally Estee

3 Hybrid Teas, Marilyn Monroe, Lou Evans

Hybrid Tea Spray, Marilyn Monroe, Sandee Kolter

Grandiflora Spray, Twilight Zone, Sally Estee

Single Hybrid Tea, Dainty Bess, Lou Evans

3 Single Hybrid Teas, Dainty Bess, Lou Evans

Open Hybrid Tea, In The Mood, Joe & Carol Burek

Decorative HT/Gr, Twilight Zone, Sally Estee

One Bloom Floribunda, Coachella, Sally Estee

Floribunda Spray Queen, Betty Boop, Lou Evans

Fl Spray King, Sparkle & Shine, Lou Evans

Fl Spray Princess, Ebb Tide, Jan Soderstrom

Fl Spray Court, Escapade, Lou Evans

Fl Spray Court, Bolero, Helen Zawlik-Moyot

Fl Spray Court, Roschen Albrecht, Helen Zawlik-Moyot

Fl Spray Court, Lavaglut, Jan Soderstrom

Fl Spray Court, Sexy Rexy, Marie McGarvey

3 Floribunda sprays, Lavaglut, Sandee Kolter

Polyantha Spray, Baby Faurax, Sally Estee

Miniature Queen, Incognito, Helen Zawlik-Moyot

Mini King, Irresistible, Helen Zawlik-Moyot

Mini Princess, Joy, Lou Evans

Mini Court, Sweet Diana, Jan Hayward

Miniature Spray, Irresistible, Lou Evans

Single Miniature, Hoot Owl, Jan Hayward

Miniature Open Bloom, All a’Twitter, Jan Hayward

3 Miniature Blooms, Rainbow’s End, Jan Hayward

3 Miniature Sprays, Marriota , Sandee Kolter

Decorative Miniature, Marriota, Sandee Kolter

Miniflora Queen, Family Holiday, Lou Evans

Miniflora King, Louisville Lady, Lou Evans

Miniflora Princess, Jolene Adams, Lou Evans

Miniflora Court, Leading Lady, Lou Evans

Miniflora Spray, Dr. John Dickman, Lou Evans

Miniflora Open Bloom, Jolene Adams, Lou Evans

Miniflora Single, Sunglow, Lou Evans

Large Flowered Climber, Fourth of July, Sally Estee

3 LF Climbers, Crested Sweetheart, Roberta Ridenour

Classic Shrub, Bouquet Parfait, Sandee Kolter

3 Classic Shrubs, Bouquet Parfait, Sandee Kolter

Austin Shrub, Gertrude Jekyll, Sheryl Reed

3 Austin Shrubs, Gertrude Jekyll, Marianne Jameson

Non-Austin Shrub, Magnificent Perfume, Sally Estee

3 Non-Austin Shrubs, Bonica, Sheryl Reed

Dowager Queen, Marchesa Boccella, Joe & Carol Burek

3 OGR’s Before 1867, Leda, Sandee Kolter

Victorian, Erinnerung an Brod, Janice Miles

Species Rose, Rosa Glauca, Roberta Ridenour

Novice , Intrigue, Patty Shadden

Judges, Olympic Gold, Duane & Melody Carlson

Large Rose in Bowl, William Shakespeare 2000, Helen Zawlik-Moyot

Mini Rose in Bowl, Marriota, Sandee Kolter

Large Fully Open in Bowl, Chicago Peace, Easton Bonano and Hilary Elkin

3 Exhibition Blooms, Queen Mary 2, Hilary Elkin

Fragrant Rose, New Zealand, Roberta Ridenour

Trailing Rose, Flower Girl, Sheryl Reed

Large Picture Frame, Hot Princess, Sandee Kolter

Small Picture Frame, Joy, Sally Estee

Large English Box, Whisper, Sandee Kolter

Small English Box, Marriotta, Sandee Kolter

Hi-Lo, Aloha, Erin Alonso, Sandee Kolter

Large Stages of Bloom, Fame!, Marie McGarvey

Small Stages of Bloom, Jean Kenneally, Peggy Carlson

British Empire Origin, Claret, Janice Miles

Tin Can Bouquet, Mixed Varieties, Sally Estee    

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