04-29 Fort Worth & Dallas RS

Fort Worth & Dallas Rose Societies
April 29, 2017
Dallas, Texas

Queen, Freedom, James Herbison

King, Hot Princess, James Herbison

Princess, Perfectly Red, James Herbison

Court, Marilyn Monroe, James Herbison

Court, Silverado, James Herbison

Court, Marlon's Day, James Herbison

Court, Let Freedom Ring, James Herbison

Court, Brook's Red, Dr. John Allen

Court, Veterans' Honor, Dr. John Allen

Court, Marilyn Wellan, Jimmy Sanford

Decorative Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora, Mellow Yellow, James Herbison

Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Open, Wild Blue Yonder, Larry Wiley

Hybrid Tea/Grandiflora Spray, Jewel Grace, James Herbison

Floribunda Bloom, Ketchup and Mustard, Vicki Agee

Floribunda Spray, Hot Cocoa, Vicki Agee

Polyanthia Spray, The Fairy, Andy Black

Climber, Florentina, Vicki Agee

Modern Shrub, Lyda Rose, Larry Wiley

Victorian , Pink Pet, Herschell Fortner

Earthkind, Pink Pet, Herschell Fortner

Novice, Cinco de Mayo, Rachel Glasser

Seedling/Sport, Moonstone x Dorthy Ann, James Herbison

Large Rose Sweepstakes, , James Herbison

Mini Queen, Daddy Frank, Jimmy Sanford

Mini King, Breath of Spring, Jimmy Sanford

Mini Princess, Best of '04, Jimmy Sanford

Mini Open, Daddy Frank, Jimmy Sanford

Miniflora Queen, Gift of Love, Jimmy Sanford

Miniflora King, First Choice, Jimmy Sanford

Miniflora Princess, Deja Blu, Jimmy Sanford

Mini/Miniflora Novice, Millie Walters, Rachel Glasser

Mini/Miniflora Sweepstakes, , Jimmy Sanford

Rose Bouquet, Veteran's Honor, Dr. John Allen

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