05-06 Wiregrass RS

Wiregrass Rose Society
May 6, 2017
Dothan, Alabama

Queen of Show, Brooks' Red, Glenn Schulman

King of Show, Louise Estes, Jim Washington

Princess of Show, The Temptations, Glenn Schulman

Court of Honor, Jewel Grace, Glenn Schulman

Court of Honor, Perfectly Red, Barry Smith

Court of Honor, Marlon's Day, Barry Smith

Fully Open HT or Grandiflora, Sunny Sundays, Mary Sellers

Floribunda Bloom, Pete Musser, Glenn Schulman

Floribunda Spray, Hot Cocoa, Barry Smith

Polyantha Spray, The Fairy, Mary Sellers

Climber, Don Juan, Pat & Bill Wente

Modern Shrub, Lady Elsie May, Bob & Gale Pisz

Victorian, Mutabilis, Jill Haisten

English Box HT/ Gr, Cesar Chavez, Marilyn Wellan, Black Magic, Barry Smith

Rose In A Bowl HT/Gr, Marlon's Day, Glenn Schulman

Rose In A Frame, Dortmund, Joyce Dees

Mini Queen of Show, Magic Show, Jim Washington

Mini King of Show, Memphis King, Rita Moore

Mini Princess of Show, Joy, Jill Haisten

Miniflora Queen, Abby's Angel, Jim Washington

Miniflora King, Autumn Splendor, Mary Rentz

Miniflora Princess, Baldo Villegas, Jim Washington

Min/MinFl Spray, Green Ice, Jill Haisten

Min/MinFl Box, Autumn Splendor, Mary Sellers

Min/MinFl Bowl, Butter Cream, Faye Boyd

Sweepstakes, Barry Smith,

Best in Show, Barry Smith,

Novice, Red Cascade, Suzanne Wilson

Judges, Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Dale 

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