05-12 Tampa RS

Tampa Rose Society
May 12, 2018
Tampa, Florida

Queen, Dina Gee, Stream, Ralph & Jean

King, All My Loving, Small, James

Princess, Mr. Caleb, Keller, Mabel

Court, Perfectly Red, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Court, My Lady Barbara, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Court, Folklore, Stream, Ralph & Jean

HT/Gr Open, Jema, Keller, Mabel

HT/Gr Spray, Moonstone, Prevatt, Karen

Fl Spray, Remarkable, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Classic Shrub, Prosperity, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Modern Shrub, Scepter'd Isle, Small, James

Climber, Fourth of July, Lawler, George & Judy

Dowager, Marchesa Boccella, Lawler, George & Judy

Victorian, Pink Pet, Lawler, George & Judy

Fragrant, Fragrant Cloud, Keller, Mabel

Mini Queen, Ty, Keller, Mabel

Mini King, The Lighthouse, Small, James

Mini Princess, Edisto, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Min/MinFl Open, Autumn Splendor, Keller, Mabel

Min/MinFl Single, Grace Seward, Lawler, George & Judy

Mini Spray, Dorothy Rose, Whitcomb, Allen

Miniflora Queen, Double Take, Prue, Mark

Miniflora King, Family Holiday, Prevatt, Karen

Miniflora Princess, Shirley Raye, Stream, Ralph & Jean

Miniflora Prince, Whirlaway, Stream, Ralph & Jean 

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