05-20 Bowling Green RS

Bowling Green Rose Society
May 20, 2017
Bowling Green, Kentucky

A Rose in a Frame, Gemini, Carolyn Phelps

Mixed Quartet, Hot Princess, Let Freedom Ring, Liverpool Remembers, Maverik, Sharon Wuorenma

Salute to WKU, Veteran's Honor & Moonstone, Sharon Wuorenma

Mixed Trio, Let Freedom Ring, Gemini, Pink Promise, Sharon Wuorenma

Twins or Hi/Lo, Moonstone & First Choice, Sharon Wuorenma

Multi Blossoms, Cherry Parfait & Double Take, Sharon Wuorenma

Cycle of Bloom, Let Freedom Ring, Sharon Wuorenma

Artist’s Palette, White Licorice, Nicole, Oh My, Good Show, Cinnamon Twist, Carolyn Phelps

Spray Trio, Cinco de Mayo, Mary Ann Hext

Basket of Shrub Roses, Double Knockout, Mary Ann Hext

Most Fragrant Rose, Jude the Obscure, Richard Hartke

Whit Wells Challenge, Memphis King, Mr. Leonard, Monty's Joy, Fitzhugh's Diamond, Carolyn Phelps

Small Trio, Bee's Knees, Erin Alonso, Best of '04, Carolyn Phelps

Multi-Blossom Trio, Irresistible, Sharon Wuorenma

Mini or MF Cycle of Bloom, Picture Perfect, Sharon Wuorenma

Mini or MF English Box, Edisto, Sharon Wuorenma

Mini or MF Artist’s Palette, Memphis King, High Ambition, Springs a Comin', Nashville Music, Julie Hearne, Sharon Wuorenma

Best in Show, Stephen F. Austin, Richard Hartke

Queen, Pink Promise, Sharon Wuorenmaa

King, Gemini, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Princess, Dark Desire, Richard Hartke

Court, Dublin, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Court, Touch of Class, Sharon Wuorenmaa

HT/Gr Spray, Gemini, Sharon Wuorenmaa

HT/Gr Open, Christopher Columbus, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Fl Bloom, Tuscan Sun, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Fl Spray, Violet's Pride, Richard Hartke

Poly Spray, The Fairy, Mary Ann Hext

Dowager, Green Rose, Robert Jacobs

Victorian, Rose de Rescht, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Large Climber, Night Owl, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Genesis, Rosa rugosa, Richard Hartke

Classic Shrub , Darlow's Enigma, Richard Hartke

Modern Shrub, Stephen F. Austin, Richard Hartke

Ex. HT/GR in Bowl, Moonstone, Marty Reich

Open HT/GR in Bowl, Pink Promise, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini Queen, Chelsea Bell, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini King, Sweet Melody, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini Princess, Bee's Knees, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini Court, Millie Walters, Marty Reich

Mini Court, Memphis King, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Queen, First Choice, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora King, Conundrum, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Princess, Foolish Pleasure, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Court, Nashville Music, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Court, Baldo Villegas, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini Spray, Pierrine, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Spray, Sunglow, Richard Hartke

Min/MinFl Open, Foolish Pleasure, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Min/MinFl Single, Spring Fling, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Min/MinFl Single Spray, Grace Seward, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Mini ex. Bowl, Erin Alonso, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora ex. Bowl, Nashville Music, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Open Min/MinFl Bowl, Foolish Pleasure, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Novice, Violet's Pride, Cindy Wernigk

Judges, Sunglow, Mark Nolen

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