05-21 Bowling Green RS

Bowling Green Rose Society
May 21, 2016
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Best in Show, Blue For You, Richard Hartke

A Rose in a Frame, Crystalline, Carolyn Phelps

Mixed Quartet, Gemini, Touch of Class, Marilyn Monroe, Kolner Karneval, Jack & Betsy Wedekind

Salute to WKU, Let Freedom Ring & Crystalline, Carolyn Phelps

Mixed Trio, Folklore, Sugar Moon, Touch of Class, Carolyn Phelps

Twins or Hi/Lo, Doris Morgan & Hot Princess, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Cycle of Bloom, Black Magic, Ben Matus

English Box, Crescendo, Jack & Betsy Wedekind

Artist’s Palette, Moondance, Easy Does It, Cinco de Mayo, Julia Child, Chihuly, Pam Brown

Spray Trio, Gebrüder Grimm, Pretty Lady, Blue For You, Richard Hartke

Three Knockout Roses, Double Knockout, Mary Ann Hext

Basket of Shrub Roses, Teasing Georgia, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Most Fragrant Rose, Evelyn, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Whit Wells Challenge, Brighton Cardinals, Shameless, First Choice, Nashville Music, Sharon Wuorenmaa

 Small Trio, Joy, Bee's Knees, Joy, Carolyn Phelps

Mini or MF Cycle of Bloom, Bee's Knees, Carolyn Phelps

Mini or MF English Box, Sweet Revenge, Bob Jacobs

Queen, Sugar Moon, Carolyn Phelps

King, Lynn Anderson, Bob Jacobs

Princess, Gemini, Carolyn Phelps

Court, Signature, Carolyn Phelps

Court, Crescendo, Bob Jacobs

HT/Gr spray, Gold Medal, Ben Matus

HT/Gr open, Dick Clark, Jack & Betsy Wedekind

Fl Bloom, Playgirl, Bob Jacobs

Fl spray, Blue For You, Richard Hartke

Poly spray, Crystal Fairy, Larry Baird

OGR - Dowager Queen, Souv de la Malmaison, Gene Meyer

OGR - Victorian, Rose de Rescht, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Large Climber, Fourth of July, Richard Hartke

Species Roses - Genesis, Rosa rugosa alba, Richard Hartke

Classic Shrub, Pink Grootendorst, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Modern Shrub, Quietness, Richard Hartke

Ex. HT/GR in Bowl, Dick Clark, Jack & Betsy Wedekind

Open HT/GR in Bowl, Gold Medal, Jack & Betsy Wedekind

Mini Queen, Joy, Carolyn Phelps

Mini King, Edisto, Larry Baird

Mini Princess, Erin Alonso, Carolyn Phelps

Mini Court, Pierrine, Larry Baird

Mini Court, Bee's Knees, Larry Baird

Miniflora Queen, Conundrum, Gene Meyer

Miniflora King, Whirlaway, Larry Baird

Miniflora Princess, Memphis Music, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Court, Class of '73, Sharon Wuorenmaa

Miniflora Court, Ricky Hendrick, Carolyn Phelps

Mini Spray, Soroptimist International, Larry Baird

Miniflora Spray, Patron, Gene Meyer

Mini ex. in a bowl, Best of '04, Carolyn Phelps

Miniflora ex. in a bowl, Whirlaway, Larry Baird

Open Min/MinFl in a bowl, Marriotta, Mary Ann Hext

Novice, Chihuly, Pam Brown

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