05-27 Tri-City RS

Tri-City Rose Society
May 27, 2017
Richland, Washington

Queen, Silver Jubilee, Louie, Bob

King, Veteran's Honor, Morris, Tom

Princess, Tineke, Louie, Bob

Prince, Love and Peace, Morris, Tom

Duchess, April in Paris, Kelley, Mary Ann & Tom

Duke, Olympiad, Burleigh, Doug

HT/Gr Open, Bewitched, Marks, Shaun

HT/Gr Spray, Dainty Bess, Louie, Bob

Fl Bloom, Day Breaker , Morris, Tom

Fl Spray, Scentimental, Rousseau, Nancy

Classic Shrub, John Cabot, Moore, Pat

Modern Shrub, Queen of Sweden, Krowiak, Laila

Climber, America, Campbell, Jim

Dowager, Louise Odier, Moore, Pat

Fragrant, Melody Parfumée, Kelley, Mary Ann & Tom

Mini Queen, Fairhope, Morris, Tom

Mini King, Grandmaw's Baby, Bryant, Janet

Mini Princess, Irresistible, Campbell, Jim

Mini Open, Cal Poly, Bryant, Janet

Mini Spray, Minnie Pearl, Campbell, Jim 

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