05-28 RS of Greater St. Louis

Rose Society of Greater St. Louis
May 28, 2016
St. Louis, Missouri

Queen, Asso di Cuori, Dee, Jerry & Linda

King, Veterans' Honor, McDonald, Mike & Lisa

Princess, King of Hearts, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Court, Impulse, Trost, Rita

Court, Angela Lansbury, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Court, Gemini, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Court, Olympiad, Dee, Jerry & Linda

HT Open, Francis Meilland, Trost, Rita

HT/Gr Spray, Gemini, Weirich, Kerry & Wanda

Fl Spray Queen, Simplicity, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Fl Spray King, Hot Cocoa, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Fl Spray Princess, Gene Boerner, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Poly Spray, The Fairy, Brower, Rich & Nancy

Classic Shrub, Belinda, Brower, Rich & Nancy

Modern Shrub, Rhapsody in Blue, Yesan, Ed

Climber, Candy Land, Trost, Rita

Dowager, Celsiana, Finkes, Linda

Victorian, Rose de Rescht, Finkes, Linda

Genesis, Rosa rugosa, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Mini Queen, Marie Jeanette, Schorr, Phil

Mini King, Nancy Jean, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Mini Princess, Caliente, Dee, Jerry & Linda

Min/MinFl Open, Daddy Frank, Trost, Rita

Min/MinFl Single, Gizmo, Trost, Rita

Min/MinFl Spray, Miss Flippins, Trost, Rita

Miniflora Queen, Dr. John Dickman, Trost, Rita    

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