05-28 Tri-City RS

Tri-City Rose Society
May 28, 2016
Richland, Washington

Queen, Rotary Sunrise, Peterson, Mike

King, Falling in Love, Louie, Bob

Princess, Marilyn Monroe, Campbell, Jim

Prince, Love and Peace, Morris, Tom

Duchess, Veterans' Honor, Rousseau, Nancy

Duke, Firefighter, Kelley, Mary Ann & Tom

HT/Gr Open, Artistry, Louie, Bob

HT Spray, Cabana, Rousseau, Nancy

Fl Bloom, Day Breaker, Angelos, Jolene

Fl Spray, Oh My!, Young, Harlow

Modern Shrub, Leonard Dudley Braithwaite , Campbell, Jim

Climber, Fourth of July, Young, Harlow

Dowager, Comte de Chambord, Wyckoff, Jeff & Kathy

Victorian, Rose De Rescht, Moore, Pat

Genesis, Rosa gallica versicolor, Peterson, Mike

Mini Queen, Dancing Flame, Skelton, Warren

Mini King, Child's Play, Skelton, Warren

Mini Princess, Dancing Flame, Skelton, Warren

Mini Open, Rise 'n' Shine, Bryant, Janet

Mini Single, Grace Seward, Kerkof, Richard

Mini Spray, Vi's Violet, Boswell, Norma

Miniflora Spray, Autumn Splendor, Moore, Pat

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