06-18 Connecticut RS

Connecticut Rose Society
June 18, 2017
Hartford, Connecticut

Queen, Veterans’ Honor, John Mattia

King, Signature, Zachary Lau

Princess, Cajun Moon, John Mattia

Court, Gemini, Zachary Lau

Court, Hot Princess, Zachary Lau

Court, Marilyn Wellan, John Mattia

Court, Moonstone, John Mattia

HT/Gr Open, Rosemary Harkness, Susanne Redway

HT Spray, Barbara Streisand, Marci Martin

Floribunda Bloom, Playboy, Zachary Lau

Fl Spray Queen, Playboy, Zachary Lau

Fl Spray King, Chihuly, Susanne Redway

Fl Spray Princess, Hot Cocoa, Marci Martin

Mini Queen, Irresistible, Zachary Lau

Mini King, Heather Sproul, Zachary Lau

Mini Princess, Chelsea Belle, Rich Mascola

Miniflora Queen, Charismatic, Dave & Dorothy Ciak

Miniflora King, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Susanne Redway

Miniflora Princess, Show Stopper, Dave & Dorothy Ciak

Miniature Spray, Tattooed Daughter, David Candler

Miniflora Spray, Regina Lee, Zachary Lau

Mini Open, Black Jade, David Candler

Miniflora Open, Seattle Sunrise, Zachary Lau

Genesis, Rosa gallica officinalis, Zachary Lau

Dowager, Tuscany Superb, Janice Champagne

Climber, Clair Matin, Susanne Redway

Classic Shrub, F. J. Grootendorst, Mike Fuss

Modern Shrub, Carefree Delight, Janice Champagne

Austin Shrub, Heritage, Susanne Redway

Small Garden, You’re the One, Eleanor Fedele

Bill Turull Memorial Trophy, Teasing Georgia, David Candler

Large Rose in Picture Frame, Pretty Lady, Judith Paniccia

Small Rose in Picture Frame, Hot Tamale, Zachary Lau

OGR in Picture Frame, Tuscany Superb, Janice Champagne

Dave & Dorothy Ciak Trophy, Foolish Pleasure (4), Fitzhugh's Diamond, Dave & Dorothy Ciak

Cycle of Bloom, Always and Forever, Marci Martin

Rose Bowl - Large, Tuscany Superb, Janice Champagne

Rose Bowl-Min & MinFl, Family Holiday, Dave & Dorothy Ciak

Founders Trophy, Marilyn Monroe, Zachary Lau

3 HT or Grandiflora, Folklore, Miss Kitty, Red Intuition, Zachary Lau

Judges, Fitzhugh’s Diamond, Craig Dorschel

Novice, Crescendo, Kathleen Culkin

Fragrance, Gentle Hermione, Thomas Fabian

Seedling, 4th of July x Unnamed Seedling, John Mattia

Best Knock Out, Knock Out, Rich Mascola

Naturally Grown Roses, Tuscany Superb, Janice Champagne

Sweepstakes, Zachary Lau 

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