06-18 Syracuse RS

Syracuse Rose Society
June 18, 2016
Syracuse, New York

Queen, Crescendo, Heden, Erik

King, Elina, Heden, Erik

Princess, Hot Princess, Stever, Dave

Court, Tineke, White, Dorothy

Court, Touch of Class, Blanchard, Carlton

HT/Gr Open, Marijke Koopman, Prianti, Murial

Gr Spray, Cherry Parfait, Pennacchia, Louis

Fl Bloom, Hannah Gordon, Storms, Dorothy

Fl Spray, Hannah Gordon, White, Dorothy

Poly Spray, Wing-Ding, Stever, Dave

Modern Shrub, Sally Holmes, DelGiorno, Annette

Climber, Fourth of July, DelGiorno, Annette

Dowager, Rosa gallica officinalis, McHale, Mary Pat

Mini Queen, Arcanum, Stever, Dave

Mini King, Daddy Frank, Stever, Dave

Mini Princess, Irresistible, Pohl, Patricia

Mini Court, Mini Tango, Mohat, Joyce

Mini Court, Edisto, Pohl, Patricia

Mini Single, Peggy "T", Stever, Dave

Mini Spray, Antique Rose, Stever, Dave

Miniflora Queen, Flawless, Stever, Dave

Miniflora King, Unbridled, Pohl, Patricia

Miniflora Princess, Patron, Blanchard, Barbara

Miniflora Court, Tiffany Lynn, Stever, Dave

Miniflora Court, Show Stopper, Blanchard, Barbara

Miniflora Spray, Foolish Pleasure, Stever, Dave

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