06-25 Forest City RS

Forest City Rose Society
June 25, 2016
Olmstead, Ohio

Queen, Marilyn Monroe, Susan & Peter Schneider

King, European Touch, Susan & Peter Schneider

Princess, Moonstone, Jeff Sommer & Corky Thacker

Prince, Touch of Class, Jeff Sommer & Corky Thacker

Open Bloom Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, Eliza, Anthony & Chris Lewicki

Single or Semi-Double, Pink Surprise, Susan & Peter Schneider

Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Spray, Dainty Bess, Bill & Anita Solarz

Classic Hybrid Tea, Lady Barnby, Susan & Peter Schneider

Floribunda Spray, Anne Harkness, Susan & Peter Schneider

Large-Flowered Climber & Hybrid Wichurana , Soaring Spirits, Cheryl Menard

Classic Shrub , Neige D'Ete, Susan & Peter Schneider

Modern Shrub, Skylark, Susan & Peter Schneider

Species Rose, Rosa arkansana 'Peppermint', Susan & Peter Schneider

Dowager, Anna de Diesbach, Susan & Peter Schneider

Victorian, Pink Surprise, Susan & Peter Schneider

Polyantha Spray, The Fairy, Cal Schroeck

Picture Frame, Eliza, Anthony & Chris Lewicki

Boutonniere – Any rose, Rina Hugo, Anthony & Chris Lewicki

Large Rose in a Bowl, Dublin, Cal Schroeck

English Box - Large Flower, Dublin, Cal Schroeck

Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Cycle of Bloom, Touch of Class, Jeff Sommer & Corky Thacker

Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Duo, Rio Samba, Anthony & Chris Lewicki

Large Left over Lovelies, Mixed varieties, Cal Schroeck

Miniature Queen, Daddy Frank, Susan & Peter Schneider

Miniature King, Dr. Tommy Cairns, Bill & Anita Solarz

Miniature Princess, Breath of Spring, Cheryl Menard

Miniature Prince, Luis Desamero, Cheryl Menard

Miniature Spray, Chelsea Belle, Cheryl Menard

Miniature Open Bloom, You're the One, Cheryl Menard

Miniature Single, Connie, Susan & Peter Schneider

Miniflora Queen, Dr. John Dickman, Cheryl Menard

Miniature or Miniflora English Box, Edisto, Bill & Anita Solarz

Miniature or Miniflora Trio, Dr. John Dickman, Cheryl Menard

Picture Frame, Powerhouse, Cheryl Menard

Miniature or Miniflora Rose Bowl, Dr. John Dickman, Cheryl Menard

Left Over Lovelies, Picotee, Cal Schroeck

No Name Rose, Unknown, Carl Schroeck

Fragrance, Radiant Perfume, Cheryl Menard

Judges Miniature or Miniflora Spray, Kismet, Larry Schock

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