08-04 Portland RS All-Mini Show

Portland Rose Society All-Miniature Show
August 4, 2018
Portland, Oregon

Queen: Heather Sproul, Mike Peterson

King: The Lighthouse, Mike Peterson

Princess of Show: Sweet Tweet, Dennis and Merilyn Konsmo

Three exhibition blooms: Magic Show, Mike and Gretchen Humphrey

Single Type Miniature: Single’s Better, Dr. Charold Baer

Three Singles: Neon Cowboy, Richard and Janis Parke

Miniflora: Double Take, Dr. Charold Baer

Three Minifloras: Seattle Sunrise, Richard and Janis Parke

Micro Miniature: Si, Judy Fleck

Three Micro Miniatures: Cinderella, Judy Fleck

Fully Open Miniature: Giggles, Candy and Tom Butler

Miniature Spray: Lipstick ‘n Lace, Jim Wolford

Three Miniature Sprays: Lipstick ‘n Lace, Karen Shewmaker

Novice Entry: Memphis Music, Sreedevi Chaya

Miniature Competition: Magic Show, Princess Katelyn, Bee’s Knees, Gretchen & Mike Humphrey

Bloom Progression: Danielle, Sreedevi Chaya

Rainbow Hues: Fitzhugh’s Diamond, Dee Bennett, Sweet Caroline, Irresistible, Baby Boomer, Richard and Janis Parke

English Box: Garden Gold, Magic Show, Chelsea Belle, Edisto, Minnie Pearl, Conundrum, Dr. Charold Baer

Colorama: Sweet Caroline, Autumn Splendor, Baby Boomer, Irresistible, Fitzhugh’s Diamond, Richard and Janis Parke

Rose in a Bowl: Seattle Sunrise, Gretchen and Mike Humphrey

Vase of Five: Chelsea Belle, Richard and Janis Parke

Daring Dozen: Magic Show, Dr. Charold Baer

Spray Challenge: Irresistible, Dee Bennett, Cal Poly, Richard and Janis Parke

Rose Portrait: Whirlaway, Dr. Charold Baer

Three Fully Open Blooms: Incognito, Jim Wolford

Rose Palette: Irresistible, Joy, Seattle Sunrise, You’re the One, Ruby Baby, Gretchen and Michael Humphrey

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