08-26 New York State Fair

New York State Fair
Syracuse Rose Society
August 26, 2017
Syracuse, New York

Queen, Signature, Rink, David

King, Moonstone, Mills, Whitney

Princess, Elina, Kahler, James

Court, John Waterer, Rink, David

Court, Maid of Honour, Gibson, Ann

HT Open, Paradise, Kahler, James

Gr Spray, Tournament of Roses, Mills, Whitney

Fl Spray, Dicky, Mohat, Joyce

Poly Spray, The Fairy, Kahler, James

Shrub, Falstaff, Storms, Dorothy

Dowager, Marchesa Boccella, Kahler, James

Victorian, Rose de Rescht, Kahler, James

Mini Queen, Joy, Stever, Dave

Mini King, Tennessee, Mohat, Joyce

Mini Princess, Daddy Frank, Stever, Dave

Mini Court, Mini Tango, Mohat, Joyce

Mini Court, Marriotta, Gibson, Ann

Miniflora Queen, Ricky Hendrick, Stever, Dave

Miniflora King, Patron, Gibson, Ann

Miniflora Princess, Nancy Jean, Stever, Dave

Miniflora Spray, Violet Mist, White, Dorothy

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