09-15 Portland RS

Portland Rose Society
September 15, 2018
Portland, Oregon

Queen: Ring of Fire; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh, Portland

King: Gemini; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Princess: Signature; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Prince: Pope John Paul II; Kimberly Bown, Portland

Vase of Three: Gemini; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Open Bloom: Sugar Moon; Penny Wagoner

Three Open Blooms: Dream Come True, Opening Night, Sugar Moon, Karen & Merril Allen , Troutdale

Five - One Variety: Gemini; Richard and Janis Parke, Portland

Five - Mixed Varieties: Gemini, Let Freedom Ring, Helen Naude, Sunny Sundays, Dona Martin; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Bloom Progression: Gemini; Jim Wolford, Portland

Three, One Color Class: Let Freedom Ring, Olympiad, Grande Amore; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Colorama: Gemini, Randy Scott, Let Freedom Ring; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Portland Gold Medal Winner: Over the Moon; Richard and Janis Parke

English Rose Box: Signature, Secret, Gemini, Lovers Lane, Tineke, Pink Promise; Richard and Janis Parke

Rose in a Bowl: Ring of Fire; Barbara Baker, Portland

Rose Portrait: Hot Princess; Karen and Merril Allen

Polyantha: Red Fairy; Gene Milbrath, Salem

Floribunda Spray: Summer Fashion; Gretchen and Mike Humphrey, Tigard

2nd Floribunda Spray: Hannah Gordon; Pat Allen, Portland

Three Floribunda Sprays: Blueberry Hill; Judith Fleck; Tigard

Floribunda Competition: Princess of Wales, Chihuly, Preference; Richard and Janis Parke

Grandiflora or Hybrid Tea Spray: Gemini; Richard and Janis Parke

Climber: Fourth of July; Richard and Janis Parke

Shrub Rose: Cherries ‘n Cream; Karen and Merril Allen

English Rose: Gertrude Jekyll; Dawn Peck, Portland

Old Garden Rose: Green Rose; Annie Curttright, Gresham

Rose Hips: Rosa rugosa; Jim Wolford, Portland

Miniature Queen: Magic Show; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Miniature King: Daddy Frank; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Miniature Princess: Fairhope; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Miniflora: Butter Cream; Dr. Charold and Rich Baer, Portland

Three Miniatures: Magic Show; Dennis and Merilyn Konsmo, Gig Harbor

Three Minifloras: Dr. John Dickman; Karen and Merril Allen

Single Miniature: Make Believe; Dr. Charold and Rich Baer

Spray of Miniatures: Mother’s Love; Annegret Wolford, Portland

Miniature Competition: Magic Show, Forever Young, Glamour; Dennis and Merilyn Konsmo

Miniature Bloom Progression: Fairhope; Karen and Merril Allen

Miniature Rose Box: Irresistible, Eternal Flame, Klassy Lady, Bee’s Knees, Miss Flippins; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Fully Open Miniature: Daddy Frank; Dr. Charold and Rich Baer

Miniature Colorama: Irresistible, Baby Boomer, The Lighthouse, Miss Flippins; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Floating Miniature: Dancing Flame; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Five Miniatures, Magic Show; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Dozen Miniatures: Dancing Flame; Karen and Merril Allen

Miniature Rose Portrait: Bee’s Knees; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Miniature Rose Palette: Irresistible, Eternal Flame, Baby Boomer, You’re the One, Miss Flippins; Jim and Nancy Cavanaugh

Hybrid Tea Rose, Novice: Paradise; Doug Naimo, Portland

Novice Floribunda or Climber: Betty Boop; Doug Naimo

Open Bloom, Novice; Veteran’s Honor; Laurie Hensley, Canby

Miniature, Novice: No Entries

Exhibition Type Rose, Junior: No Entries

Best Miniature, No Entries 

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