09-22 Greater Greenville RS

Greater Greenville Rose Society
September 22. 2018
Greenville, South Carolina

Tom Parris Memorial Challenge, Let Freedom Ring, Vino Rosso, Frank & Rita Van Lenten

Rosie Sperry Memorial Challenge, Jilly Jewel, Susan Waites

Queen of Show, Sister Jane, Fred Wright

King of Show, Top Gun, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Princess of Show, Affirm, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Court # 1, David's Love, Fred Wright

Court # 2, Great White, Fred Wright

Court #3, Louise Estes, Lori Sperry

HT/Gr Spray, Mr. Caleb, Robert Myers & Jack Page

HT/Gr Open, Francis Meilland, Lori Sperry

Cycle of Bloom, Signature, Fred Wright

Hi-Lo, Tammy Clemons, Let Freedom Ring, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Three Same Variety, Marlon's Day, Fred Wright

Three Different Variety, Moonstone, Louise Estes, Let Freedom Ring, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Floating HT / GR / FL, Secret Lady, Fred Wright

Floribunda Bloom, Sparkle & Shine, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Floribunda Spray, Orangeade, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Climber, Fourth of July, Frank & Rita Van Lenten

Polyantha Spray, The Fairy, Frank & Rita Van Lenten

Dowager Queen, Champney's Pink Cluster, Bill Patterson

Victorian Award, Pink Pet, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Genesis, Rosa moschata, Bill Patterson

Modern Shrub, Heathcliffe, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Knock Out, Double Red Knockout, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Mini Queen, Best of '04, Clark Boyd

Mini King, Arcanum, Clark Boyd

Mini Princess, Edisto, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Mini Court # 1, Renegade, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Mini Court # 2, Bee's Knees, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Miniature Spray, Joy, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Fully Open Miniature, Bee's Knees, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

MiniFlora Queen, Tammy Clemons , Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

MiniFlora King, Luscious Lucy, Paul & Charlotte Blankenship

MiniFlora Princess, Wright Touch, Paul & Charlotte Blankenship

MiniFlora Court # 1, Swing Time, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

MiniFlora Court # 2, Gift of Love, Satish & Vijaya Prabhu

Fully Open MiniFlora, Aberlady, Susan Waites

MiniFlora Spray, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Single Mini/MF, Sunglow, Robin Hough

Mini/MF Cycle of Bloom, Bee's Knees, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Floating Mini/MF, Bee's Knees, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Three Same Varieties, Best of '04, Richard & Linda Wickett

Three Different Varieties, Dr. Troy Garrett, Starship, Bee's Knees, Robert Myers & Jack Page

Novice Queen, St. Patrick, Gina Turpin

Novice Shrub / Climber, Apricot Drift, Judy Lema

Judges' Entry, Sparkle & Shine, Let Freedom Ring, White Lightning,, Robert Myers & Jack Page

, Matilda, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fragrant Cloud,

Fragrant Rose, Fragrant Cloud, Robert Myers & Jack Page 

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