10-21 Sierra Foothills RS

Sierra Foothills Rose Society
October 2, 2017
Roseville, California

Queen, Pink Promise, Phyllis & Skip Smith

King, Veterans' Honor, Linda Knowles

Princess, Gemini, Duane & Melody Carlson

Court, Let Freedom Ring, Duane & Melody Carlson

Court, Just Joey, Kay Jelton

Court, Paradise Found, Linda Knowles

Court, Peace, Linda Knowles

Court, Pope John Paul II, Duane & Melody Carlson

Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora Spray, Gemini, Duane & Melody Carlson

Fully-Open HT/Grandiflora, Grand Impression, Jamie & Scott Becker

Floribunda Bloom, Ketchup & Mustard, Charlotte Owendyk

Floribunda Spray, Ketchup & Mustard, Phyllis & Skip Smith

Polyantha Spray, Mothersday, Charlotte Owendyk

Large Flowered Climbers, Night Owl, Duane & Melody Carlson

Shrub, Watercolors, Judy Frederick

Dowager, Old Blush, Sue & Ernie Magill

Miniflora Queen, Butter Cream, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora King, Baldo Villegas, Sue & Ernie Magill

Miniflora Princess, Show Stopper, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora Court, Fantasi, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora Court, Ambiance, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora Court, Quiet Time, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora Court, Whirlaway, Dave & Ruth Coop

Mini Queen, You're the One, Dave & Ruth Coop

Mini King, Daddy's Little Girl, Phyllis & Skip Smith

Mini Princess, Chelsea Belle, Dave & Ruth Coop

Mini Court, Ruby Ruby, Cindy Phipps

Mini Court, Minnie Pearl, Fred Espeter

Mini Court, Winsome, Duane & Melody Carlson

Mini Court, Irresistible, Charlotte Owendyk

Mini Court, Edisto, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniature & Miniflora Spray, Joy, Duane & Melody Carlson

Open Bloom Miniature & Minifloras, Daddy Frank, Duane & Melody Carlson

Single Miniature & Minifloras, Will of the Wisp, Dave & Ruth Coop

Miniature & Miniflora Rose in a Bowl, Joy, Duane & Melody Carlson

Three Miniature Blooms, Shawn Sease, Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniature Cycle of Bloom, You're the One, Phyllis & Skip Smith

Miniature English Box, Joy, Duane & Melody Carlson

“Sierra Foothills”, Sierra Foothills Rose, Duane & Melody Carlson

Rose in a Bowl, Moonstone, Judy Frederick

Three Hybrid Teas or Grandifloras, Baronne de Rothschild, Dave & Ruth Coop

Cycle of Bloom, Gemini, Duane & Melody Carlson

Trailing Rose, Renae, Duane & Melody Carlson

English Box, Black Magic & Paradise, Dave & Ruth Coop

Rose Bouquet, Secret, Olympiad, Double Delight, Love & Peace, Queen Elizabeth, Ketchup & Mustard, Miss All American Beautty, Fragrant Plum, September Morn, Seashell., Les & Frieda Pereira

Wine and Roses, Munstead Wood, Kay Jelton

Tin Can Derby, Mixed varieties, Duane & Melody Carlson

Most Fragrant Rose, Firefighter, Phyllis & Skip Smith

Best Judges' Entry, Escapade, Lou Evans

President's Trophy (Best in Show), Watercolors, Judy Frederick


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