04-23 Fort Worth & Dallas RS

Fort Worth & Dallas Rose Societies
April 23, 2016
Dallas, Texas

Queen, Hot Princess, James Herbison

King, Veterans' Honor, James Herbison

Princess, Perfectly Red, James Herbison

Court, Randy Scott, James Herbison

Court, Priceless, James Herbison

Court, Touch of Class, James Herbison

Court, Black Magic, James Herbison

Court, Brigadoon, James Herbison

Court, Helen Naude, James Herbison

Fl Bloom, Julia Child, Colleen Skinner

Fl Spray Queen, Scentimental, James Herbison

Fl Spray King, Cinco de Mayo, Pam Smith

Fl Spray Princess, Playgirl, Andy Black

Fl Spray Court, Nicole, Larry Wiley

Fl Spray Court, For You With Love, Vicki Agee

Fl Spray Court, Julia Child, Katherine Harris

Large Rose Single Bloom, Europeana, Larry Wiley

Polyanthia Spray, Perle d' Or, Katherine Harris

Classic Shrub, Dortmund, Pam Smith

Modern Shrub, Sally Holmes, Katherine Harris

Genesis, Rosa spinosissima, Larry Wiley

Dowager Queen, Souv de la Malmaison, Larry Wiley

Victorian, Chevy Chase, Katherine Harris

Seedling/Sport, Carefree Beauty x Rivas de Jonnas, James Herbison

Large Rose Sweepstakes, , James Herbison

Mini Queen, Irresistible, Andy Black

Mini King, Heartland Flame, Larry Wiley

Mini Princess, Rosy Dawn, Colleen Skinner

Mini Court, Dancing Flame, Larry Wiley

Miniature Fully Open, Green Ice, Colleen Skinner

Miniature Spray, Green Ice, Colleen Skinner

Miniflora Queen, Camden, Larry Wiley

Miniflora King, Cooper, Andy Black

Miniflora Fully Open, Shameless, Jimmy Sanford

Mini/Miniflora Sweepstakes, , Larry Wiley

Bouquet Large, Veterans' Honor, James Herbison

Bouquet Mini/Miniflora, Cupcake / Madelyn Lang, Andy Black

Best of Show, Carefree Beauty x Rivas de Jonnas, James Herbison

Fragrant Rose, Beverly, Larry Wiley

Earthkind Rose, Mons Tillier, Mary Ledeboer    

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