4-28 Greater Palm Beach RS

April 28, 2012 West Palm Beach, FL

Miniature/Miniflora Spray Trophy Sweet Chariot Evelyn and Arthur Rose
Miniature/Miniflora Collection Trophy Edisto Debbie Coolidge
The Alex Kuys Trophy Mavrik William Langford
The Scott Chait Fragrance Trophy Dolly Parton Phillis Jones
Cycle of Bloom Elina Phillis Jones
Painter's Palette Perfume Delight, First Prize, Strike It Rich, Brandy, Elina Phillis Jones
Reflections (Hi-Lo) Marilyn Wellan, This is the Day Phillis Jones
Floating Rose - HT Veterans' Honor William Langford
Picture Frame - HT Veterans' Honor Phillis Jones
Queen Double Delight William Langford
King Black Magic Phillis Jones
Princess Miss All American Beauty Phillis Jones
Court Veterans' Honor Phillis Jones
Court Fragrant Cloud Debbie Coolidge
Court Paul Ricard William Langford
Fully-open Bloom - HT Double Delight Nichelle Meldrim
Floribunda - Spray Playgirl Evelyn and Arthur Rose
Climbers - Disbudded or Spray Pinata Evelyn and Arthur Rose
Shrubs - Modern Henry Matisse Debbie Coolidge
Dowager Queen Lamarque Evelyn and Arthur Rose
Victorian Pink Pet William Langford
Floating OGR Eugene E Marlitt Joanie and Bob Sanford
OGR Bouquet Various Debbie Coolidge
OGR in Picture Frame Eugene E Marlitt William Langford
Novice - HT Aromatherapy Nichelle Meldrim
Novice - Floribunda Spray Cancan Nichelle Meldrim
Mini/Miniflora Queen Dr Troy Garret William Langford
Mini/Miniflora King Memphis Cajun Debbie Coolidge
Mini/Miniflora Princess Foolish Pleasure Debbie Coolidge
Miniature or Miniflora - Fully Open Picotee Joanie and Bob Sanford
Mini or Miniflora Floating Bloom Louisville Lady William Langford
Mini or Miniflora in Picture Frame This is the Day Phillis Jones
Judges Mlle Cecile Brunner Karen & Clarence Prevatt

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