5-21 Raleigh RS

May 21, 2011 Durham, NC

Queen Randy Scott Ken Schmidt
King Marilyn Wellan Harold White
Princess Moonstone Ken Schmidt
Witherspoon Queen Signature Joel Lopez
HT Fully Open About Face Don & Mary Myers
HT Spray Wild Blue Yonder Bill Whitaker
HT Rose-in-Bowl Veterans' Honor Harold White
Fl Bloom Kanagem Harold White
Fl Spray Sexy Rexy Bill Whitaker
Fl Painter's Palette Sexy Rexy, Hot Cocoa, Lime Sublime, Angel Face, Singin' the Blues Bill Whitaker
Poly Spray Verdun Harold White
Climber Night Owl Harold White
Modern Shrub Sophy's Rose Don & Mary Myers
Classic Shrub Linda Campbell Harold White
Shrub-in-Bowl Candle in the Wind Don & Mary Myers
Best Shrub Sophy's Rose Don & Mary Myers
Victorian Baron Girod d'Lain Don & Mary Myers
Judges Shawn Sease Robert & Linda Knerr
Mini Queen Joy Ken Schmidt
Mini King Nancy Jean Ken Schmidt
Mini Princess Irresistible Ken Schmidt
Miniflora Queen Tiffany Lynn Ken Schmidt
Miniflora King Conundrum Ken Schmidt
Miniflora Princess Dr Troy Garret Ken Schmidt
Single Spring Fling Don & Mary Myers
Min Open Bloom Power Point Don & Mary Myers
Min Spray Purple Dawn Don & Mary Myers
Min Cycle of Bloom This is the Day Don & Mary Myers
Min Palette Leading Lady, Abby's Angels, Joy, Daddy Frank, Memphis King Don & Mary Myers
Min Rose in Bowl Good Ole Mountain Dew Don & Mary Myers
HT English Box Let Freedom Ring, Marilyn Wellan, Hot Princess, Marilyn Monroe Harold White
HT Rose in Frame Marilyn Wellan Harold White
Min Rose in Frame Edisto Don & Mary Myers
HT 3 roses/same Hot Princess Harold White
Large Bouquet No award
Min Bouquet Abby's Angel, Tammy Darlene, Shawn Sease, Orange Classic, Louisville Lady Don & Mary Myers
Fragrance Fragrant Cloud Bill Whitaker
Seedling Seedling X Seedling Harold White

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