National Horticultural Exhibitors' Committee

The American Rose Society's National Horticultural Exhibitors Committee consists of a chairman appointed by the President and and additional members selected by the Chairman, The initial intent was that the chairman and members would be nationally respected horticultural exhibitors, geographically diverse and representative of the diversity of exhibitor interest. The current members of the committee are:


    * Robert B. Martin Jr.,  Escondido, CA


    * Lou Pavlovich, Tucson, AZ

    * Carol Shockley, Conway, AR

    * Cindy Dale, Peachtree City, GA

    * Andrew Hearne, Bear, DE

    * Steve Singer, Kenosha, WI

    * Caroline Fredette, Seattle, WA

    * Don Adlong, Conway, AR

    * Ralph Stream, Micanopy, FL


The purpose and objective of the National Horticultural Exhibitors Committee is to encourage and advance the art of exhibiting rose horticultural specimens and the conduct of rose shows in the United States.

The Committee also administers the award of the Guy Blake Hedrick Award

In addition, the Committee seeks to cooperate with and be of assistance to other ARS national committees by providing the viewpoint of exhibitors on matters within their purview. This includes providing comments to the National Horticultural Judging Committee with respect to the judging of horticultural specimens; the National Committee on Prizes & Awards with respect to rose show classes and awards; and to the National Classification Committee with respect to proposed changes in varietal classification. The Committee is also vitally interested in making certain that all roses are qualified to be shown in ARS shows. It therefore seeks to coordinate with the Registration Committee to maintain and carry out the responsibility for the establishment of the approved exhibition names of roses.

The Committee encourages comments and suggestions on all issues of concern to exhibitors. These may be directed to the Chairman or to any regional representative.

A Brief History

The first ARS National Committee on Exhibiting was established by then President Don Ballin in 1985. Sandie Morris of St. Joseph, MO was its first Chairman and Dr. Tommy Cairns was it Co-Chairman and Editor of the Exhibitors' Bulletin. Its purpose was to develop a working method of obtaining rose show results from all over the country and to develop a publication to be published quarterly with those results, as well as articles of interest to exhibitors. They were also asked to interface with the Judging Committee in future judging changes.

During the administration of President Dr. Charles Jeremias, 1988-1991, no Exhibitor's Committee was appointed. However, in 1992, under the administration of President Robert Whitaker, an Exhibitor's Committee was again appointed under the Co-chairmanship of Ada Allcott and Lucille Giglio of Florida. Other members of the Committee were Dr. Thomas Cairns, Bob Gold of Seattle, Ed Griffith of Mobile, Dr. Andy Plasz of Libertyville, IL, Peter Schneider of Ohio and Slats Wathen of Texas. With the administration of Pete Haring, 1994-1997, the Committee was again dropped. It also did not exist under the administration of Jim Hering, 1997-2000.

On the initiative of then ARS President Dr. Tommy Cairns, the National Horticultural Exhibitors Committee was re-established in October 2000 under Robert B. ("Bob") Martin Jr, who served as Chairman from 2000 to 2006. Eric Yount then served as chairman from 2006-2009. Sally Long served as Chairman from 2009-2012, followed by Andy Plasz, who served as Chairman from 2012-2015. President Pat Shanley has again appointed Bob Martin to head the committee from 2015-2018.

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